California June 2018 Elections, part I: State Wide Elective Offices

In the California governor's race, it is shaping up to be a North vs. South race of the Democrats.

Newson, former SF mayor holds a slim lead in the polls over Villaraigosa, former LA mayor.

Not surprisingly, the SF Chronicle has endorsed Newson while the LA Times has endorsed Villaraigosa.

The two Republicans, Cox and Allen are behind in the Top Two primary system.

The respective state parties did not offer any endorsements for governor.

For Lt. Governor, SF Chronicle has backed Jeff Bleich. I didn't see an endorsement in the LA Times as of yet. The California Democratic party did not endorse while the Cal GOP endorsed Cole Harris.

In the Secretary of State race, the Democratic party and the SF Chronicle backs the current SofS, Alex Padilla. The California Republicans back Mark Meuser.

In the Controller contest, the Republicans are supporting Konstantinos Roditis. The SF Chronicle and the Cal Democrats are endorsing current controller Betty Yee.

For Treasurer, the SF Chronicle

QPR - what next?

The English Championship season is done with the exception of promotion playoffs.

Wolverhampton and Cardiff City have won promotion.

Barnsley, Burton Albion, and Sunderland have been relegated.

Fulham has defeated Derby County to advance to the promotion finals.

Aston Villa plays Middlesbrough tomorrow to determine the other finalist.

Meanwhile, QPR finished 16th.

The club's realistic aspirations at this point in their life-cycle is mid-table with hopes of being at the higher end of the mid-table. However, that didn't happen this year with a mix of injuries hampering team cohesion. There weren't too many matches where they were kicked from one end to the other but with 20 losses to 15 wins, they were a sub "0.500" team a sign of modest talents and consistency. The team simply didn't have the level of quality and consistency to make a serious push. Most revealing was how the team frequently would fall behind and scramble to make a game of it. In a handful of o…

Montreal vs. LA Galaxy: line-up options and guesses

What is a team to do when everything seems to be going the wrong way.

In the first 7 games, LAG endured 3 shutouts, 2 where they scored one goal, 1 game where they scored 2 goals and the one crazy game against LAFC where they scored 4. In this stretch, the feeling was the defense makes mistakes but was tolerable but the offense wasn't in sync.

In the last 3 games, the offense is still out of sync but has gotten 2 goals per match. The problem, the defense has turned into Swiss cheese yielding 3 goals per match.

So what next for the guys drawing up the starting line up?

Do you go back to bunkering like they did in the 0-0 road trip to Vancouver with an eye to counter-attack to steal the win?

Or do you double down on the attacking line-up and hope the team defense improves?

Standard line-up (4-2-3-1)
Back 4: Skjelvik, Ciani, Steres, Romney
Defensive-mid: Jonathan dos Santos and Carrasco
Attacking-mid: Alessandrini, Lletget, Kamara
Forward: Ibrahimovic

Planned subs:
Kitchen fo…

Wide World of Soccer - weekend April 28-29

Liverpool FC 0 Stoke City 0. Nuff said.

High drama on Wednesday for leg 2 against Roma. 5-2 lead looks good but Barcelona collapsed to Roma and were eliminated so Roma is not to be underestimated.

QPR takes care of business with a 3-1 win over bottom of the table Birmingham City.

LA Galaxy woes continue coming out on the short end 2-3 to NY Red Bulls. A couple of questionable calls went against LA Galaxy that took a goal off the LA tally and added a PK that was the Red Bull's winner.

LA Galaxy got some more offense but unfortunately their defense cost them.  One of the MLS analyst says that LA's 4-3-3 might be better for them. I speculated about that possibility back on April 13 though at that time I didn't anticipate Zlatan would start which he did.

LAFC in dramatic fashion defeat Seattle 1-0 with a stoppage time free kick!

Elfsborg falls 2-1 to Sundsvall.

Falkenberg plays on Tuesday on the road at Halmstad.

Wide world of soccer: weekend of April 21/22 2018

Hats off to LAFC for rallying from a 2-0 deficit to beat Montreal on the road. If you had said that LAFC would get 4 wins against 2 losses to open season entirely on the road, fans would take it. They have their home opener next weekend.

Liverpool was on the road at West Bromwich cruising with a 2-0 lead only to surrender 2 goals late. The problems of defense reared its head once again!

QPR lost to Brentford 2-1. Not surprising for a road game at a team at the top half of the table.

LA Galaxy fall at home to Atlanta 2-0. Saw the second half of the match on TV. Atlanta had the lead so they were probably not as aggressive on offense. Nonetheless, it seemed they were always more threatening to score while LAG only got weak "half" chances at goal. LAG simply looked inferior to Atlanta.

Falkenberg (FFF) is off to a 4 game win streak with a 3-1 victory over Frej Taby.

Elfsborg plays Monday against Stockholm based Djurgarden.

LAG thus far

LA Galaxy stand at 3 wins 1 draw 3 losses.

Have seen parts of several matches on television.

The 4-3 victory over LAFC highlighted the best and worst of the LA Galaxy: the worst, a defense that always looks on the edge of calamity, the best, an offense that, on this occasion, lived up to the hype.

However, in most other matches, it has been the offense that hasn't shown much life. Aside from that 4 goal explosion against LAFC, LAG has been shut out 3 times, scored 1 goal 2 times (one for a win and one for a loss), and scored 2 goals in the season opening victory.

Thus, at an anemic 8 goals for the season, only 4 clubs have scored less.

Meanwhile, the defense has allowed 10 goals which is middle of the pack.

On paper, their problems appear more on the offense side of the park than the defense side.

However, by the "eyeball" test, it looks like there are problems on both sides of the game.

The defense always looks to be on the edge of being overwhelmed. One would have thou…

Elfsborg wins!

In their fourth match of the season, Elfsborg finally got a victory with a 2-0 win on the road against Brommapojkarna!

Lot of ball watching on that second goal by the defenders, eh?

Below is the CMORE highlight package.