Thursday, October 20, 2016

LA Galaxy 2016 Campaign

At the beginning to the season, the Galaxy brain trust made a lot of moves to strengthen the team for the 2016 season.

They gathered some European players (Van Damme, Cole, De Jong).

They gathered some MLS veterans (Larentowicz, Magee).

Mix these guys in with the Designated Players (Dos Santos, Gerrard, Keane) and spotlight a few youngsters and some solid role players and make a run at the MLS Cup. And they were running roughshod over a lot of teams. But as the season wore on, injuries piled up and it seemed the team was sputtering on offense and defense.

Though the club has surrendered only 39 goals, the fourth lowest in the MLS, they often look very shaky in the back line.

Thought the club has scored 54 goals, the third highest in the MLS, the most recent games have shown the Galaxy offense to be somewhat sleepy.

Fans are thinking whether Gerrard and Keane, the high priced DPs, should be benched in favor of the younger lesser known - but faster and fitter - players. At the moment, Gerrard and Keane are recovering from injury so the decision has been made for Arena and company. However, in the playoffs, this issue may rear its head.

The situation became so dire that Landon Donovan decided to come out of retirement to see if he could push the sputtering club to another MLS Cup run.

Last year, the wheels completely fell off the Galaxy late in the season as they tumbled down the standings eventually making the playoffs as a road club in the knockout round. And knocked out they were in a rainy Seattle night.

This year, they have locked up third place so the knockout match will be at home.

The regular season finale will be at home against FC Dallas. Dallas would like to win and keep home field advantage throughout the playoffs by having the best record in MLS. However, injuries to Diaz and Acosta will be tough to overcome for Dallas.

As for the Galaxy, they will continue to play their best non-Keane, non-Gerrard line-up which in the end might be their best line-up for the playoffs. On the other hand, since the Galaxy is locked into third place, they may run out the lesser known talents and give their mainstays a rest. Will see what Arena does with the line-up card on Sunday.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Swedish Soccer FFF and Elfsborg Update

Falkenberg's run in the top league of Sweden for all practical purposes will end after two magical years.

I had mapped out a potential route to avoid outright relegation (see table above). At the moment, the 14th spot (qualifies for a relegation playoff match) is occupied by Helsingborg with 22 points after 25 matches. Alas, FFF has only obtained a few draws and no wins over the recent stretch. Even if they win the next four matches, they would reach 22 points tying Helsingborg only if Helsingborg fail to collect any points over their next five matches. In the unlikely event this were to happen, I think goal differential is the tie breaker and right now FFF is -45 while Helsingborg is -21. It was a fantastic run for Laget Vid Havet. Will be looking to see how they fare in the Superettan. 

Meanwhile, Elfsborg are mathematically eliminated from Europa league. Norrkoping sits at the third spot with 53 points. Even with five wins by Elfsborg, they only reach 50 points (see table below). 

Malmo appears on track to take their 22 championship (most of any club). AIK and Norrkoping trail by seven points and are unlikely to make up that much ground in the four remaining matches. 

The top Swedish football league (Allsvenskan) probably rates as a third or fourth tier league in European soccer. I think few would dispute that the Spanish, German, Italian, and English top of the pyramid leagues are the best. The second tier would be occupied by a handful of leagues scattered across Europe from France to Turkey. The rest of Europe will fill in the third and fourth tiers. 

Within the Allsvenskan there are the historically dominant clubs like Malmo (21), Goteborg (13), and Norrkoping (13) that among them have won 47 championships. All other clubs combined have won 44 championships.

This is quite a bit more parity compared to the English Premier league where the "Big Four" (Chelsea, Man City, Man U, Arsenal) have won all but two titles. Man United has won 13 while everyone else has won a combined 11 titles. 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

2016 NLCS Dodger Roster Guesses?

With the new series, the rosters can be changed.

In the 2016 NLDS, the Dodgers carried 11 pitchers and 14 position players.

Starting pitchers (4): Clayton Kershaw, Rich Hill, Kenta Maeda, Julio Urias
Relief pitchers (7): Kenley Jansen, Joe Blanton, Grant Dayton, Pedro Baez, Josh Fields, Luis Avilan, Ross Stripling
Catchers (3): Yasmani Grandal, Carlos Ruiz, Austin Barnes
Infielders (5): Adrian Gonzalez, Chase Utley, Corey Seager, Justin Turner, Charlie Culberson Outfielders (6): Howie Kendrick, Joc Pederson, Josh Reddick, Yasiel Puig, Andrew Toles, Andre Ethier

Since the NLCS is a seven game series and the Dodger relief pitchers put in a lot of innings in the NLDS, we could see the Dodgers carry 12 or even 13 pitchers.

In the NLDS, Kershaw started game 1 and 4, Hill started 2 and 5, Maeda started 3.

How many innings did we get from the starters?
Kershaw 11 2/3 (he had 2/3 as a reliever)
Hill 7
Maeda 3
Total from starters 21 2/3 innings.
Five games x 9 innings = 45 innings. However, in game 2, the Dodgers lost and did not have to pitch the bottom of the 9th. Thus, 44 innings of Dodger pitching. Of which, 22 1/3 innings in relief.

The most often mentioned possible pitchers to add is Alex Wood (long relief) and Jay Howell (situational relief). The question is add one or two for the NLCS? Also, there is talk that Grant Dayton might get dropped as he struggled in his relief appearances.

If you add one pitcher, who do you drop from the position players?

Culberson (backup infielder) and Barnes (backup catcher) are mentioned.

So what do you think?

Starting pitchers (4): Clayton Kershaw, Rich Hill, Kenta Maeda, Julio Urias
Relief pitchers (8): Kenley Jansen, Joe Blanton, Grant Dayton, Pedro Baez, Josh Fields, Luis Avilan, Ross Stripling, Alex Wood, JP Howell
Catchers (2): Yasmani Grandal, Carlos Ruiz, Austin Barnes
Infielders (5): Adrian Gonzalez, Chase Utley, Corey Seager, Justin Turner, Charlie Culberson, Enrique Hernandez
Outfielders (6): Howie Kendrick, Joc Pederson, Josh Reddick, Yasiel Puig, Andrew Toles, Andre Ethier

Here is the Dodger 2016 NLCS official roster:

Starting pitchers (4): Clayton Kershaw, Rich Hill, Kenta Maeda, Julio Urias
Relief pitchers (8): Kenley Jansen, Joe Blanton, Grant Dayton, Pedro Baez, Josh Fields, Luis Avilan, Ross Stripling, Alex Wood
Catchers (2): Yasmani Grandal, Carlos Ruiz
Infielders (4): Adrian Gonzalez, Chase Utley, Corey Seager, Justin Turner
Infielder/outfielders (2): Howie Kendrick, Kiké Hernandez
Outfielders (5): Joc Pederson, Josh Reddick, Yasiel Puig, Andrew Toles, Andre Ethier

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What a choice .......

It is a real mess we are in.

On one hand, we have 35-40% of the public supporting Trump. Some of these voters are doing so because they want to give Washington DC the "middle finger."
To his supporters, a vote for Trump is a way to flip the middle finger to the system, the media, the elite, the liberals, the know-it-alls and the people who pretend they're better than "us." (excerpt from Mel Robbins at
Of course, that may feel good but do we really want that to be the basis for selecting POTUS?

I wonder what percentage of the Trump support is from the "lesser of two evils" voters versus the I want "to flip the bird" to DC voters?

On the other side, we have 40-45% of the public supporting Clinton. I don't know what percentage are doing so because they see Clinton as the "lesser of two evils" choice and how many have the fawning "Saint Hillary" mind-set.

I can understand the "lesser of two evils" voter. I don't like it but I understand it.

I can't understand the "Saint Hillary" voter. If a Republican candidate had the same baggage as Clinton, the Democrats would be screaming at the top of their lungs complaining about that baggage. The "Saint Hillary" voter is in denial about how much baggage the Clinton brand carries with it.

I can understand the anger at DC sentiment but the I want to give DC the "middle finger" voter is in denial about the consequences of voting for someone so unstable.

So what is a voter to do?

Johnson-Weld is a possible protest vote. They have good track records as governors but when the spotlight has been on Johnson, he shown himself not ready for prime time.

The Stein-Baraka ticket is the Green Party choice and they remain a boutique-niche party.

McMullin-Finn are running as independents and are having ballot-access problems.

So what is a former GOP now independent voter to do?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Episode 7: The Bowels Awaken (albeit rather slowly)

Day 8 - Tuesday September 13

The overnight MD for 8-West is usually just one person for the unit but since the team showed up it must have been the transition to the morning shift that happens around 5AM.

The MD in charge asked a few questions and the order was given: nasal gastric tube insertion. In a matter of minutes, the tube was placed and in a matter of minutes hundreds of milliliters of fluid was collected in the vacuum trap. This would be the eighth time I've had this medical device utilized for my medical care - the second time during this hospitalization.

Eight days earlier .....

Day 1 - Tuesday September 6

On this day, I was scheduled for Laparoscopic Lysis of Abdominal Adhesions (video) (text explanation) at 1pm.

Briefly, I had surgery for small bowel obstruction in 2004. As a result, I was at risk for recurrent small bowel obstruction (SBO) due to adhesions from scar tissue formation resulting from the surgery. Most adhesions don't cause problems but some do and in my case, recurrent SBO episodes took place in 2005, 2009 (spring), 2009 (fall), 2014, and 2016 (spring) all resolved by non-surgical management using the nasal gastric tube and supportive IV.

After the episode in 2014, the surgeon in charge of my care said the number of recurrences is getting to be unusual high and elective surgical intervention might eventually need to be considered. After the episode in 2016, the surgeon in charge of my care (different MD), made a more insistent recommendation that elective surgical intervention should be very seriously considered. As a result of that recommendation, I was scheduled for elective surgery on this fine fall southern California day.

I checked into the procedure treatment unit (PTU). I changed into the surgical gown - a neat little thing that can be hooked up into a warm air blower! The nurse placed the IV catheter into my left hand. A member of the surgical team gave me a quick rundown of what to expect. For this type of surgery two hours would be typical if nothing unusual is found inside. The plan was to use four laparoscopic sites. However, if things got complicated, they would resort to a laparotomy. Blood transfusion is not anticipated but my blood type was determined should it be necessary.

I was informed that the surgery in the surgical suite I was scheduled for was running overtime and that there is a 45 minute sterilization procedure for the room before it would be ready for my surgery. I would know the surgery would be soon when the anesthesiologist checked in with me.

At 2pm, the anesthesiologist came by and explained what will happen. He and one of the medical students on the team walked with me as the medical bed threaded its way to the surgical suite. He asked about my research work and I asked him about his. Once in the surgical suite, I was transferred onto to the surgical stage. The anesthesiologist hooked me up to an IV and he explained he was beginning the process of putting me under. I was beginning to fade out. He placed an oxygen mask over me. I think the last thing I said was, "God bless you all." He said, "God bless you too."

I woke up in the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU). I was told by the surgeon that my case turned out to be more complicated that expected. Instead of just a few adhesions localized to one area there were dense matted adhesions in two areas. However, the team decided a laparotomy was not needed though it took nearly four hours to release all the adhesions.

With the anesthesia worked out of my system, I was moved into the transitional recovery unit (TRU). The regular surgical unit patient rooms on the eighth floor were full so I would be cared for in the TRU that is meant for recovery of out-patient procedures during the day. However, in a pinch they can be converted to regular recovery if somewhat cramped space for in-patients.

Day 2 - Wednesday September 7

A little after midnight, I hit the call button and reported feeling nausea. I was given some anti-nausea medication. I think it was around 2:30AM when I hit the call button again as the feeling came back and was much stronger. This time the overnight MD came in and explained nasal gastric tube insertion was necessary since I was suffering from post-operative ileus as my bowels were asleep as they don't like to be handled and four hours of handling had just taken place.

Day 3 - Thursday September 8

By nightfall, room 8331 opened up in 8-West. The IV fluids kept me hydrated. The NG tube suction kept the nausea and abdominal pains at bay.

Day 4 - Friday September 9

In the afternoon, the amount of fluid collected by the NG tube decreased enough that they removed the NG tube.

Day 5 - Saturday September 10

I began on some liquid diet with the plan of a discharge on Sunday. I felt the liquid food was still feeling a bit "heavy" but it wasn't too bad.

Day 6 - Sunday September 11

I was advanced to some solid food but it was was still feeling a bit "heavy" and it felt worse that on Saturday. The MD examined by abdomen and canceled the discharge order. One thing MDs try to avoid is sending people home only to have them come back into the ER with post-surgery complications. They thought that the post-operative ileus might still be hanging on.

Day 7 - Monday September 12

I went back to the liquid diet. It was still feeling a bit "heavy" and it was beginning to feel painful in my belly. I was given toradol since opioid (morphine and morphine-derivative) meds often slow down the digestive tract.

Day 8 - Tuesday September 13

Sometime after midnight, I can't remember when, I felt very bloated. There was so much air trapped in my belly that I belched repeatedly and it seemed to go on forever but it was probably just a couple of hours. Eventually, I hit the call button to report my situation to the nursing staff. They suggested that I get up and walk and see if it would clear up. I was able to walk around for a handful of minutes but I was starting to feel very weak and unstable and the nurse could see that I was at risk of falling so she brought me back to the room and had me sit in the chair. It seemed like a long time but was probably less than an hour when things started to go seriously sideways.

The nausea was welling up fiercely but vomit attempts come up dry after multiple attempts. The abdominal pain was off the charts; easily a 9 or 10 on the 0-10 pain scale the staff asks their patients to report their pain experience. I found sitting in the chair was getting very uncomfortable so I lowered by myself to the floor and put my face in the bucket in the hope vomiting would bring relief. But relief did not come.

I realized this was not going well and I hit the call button but was too weak to explain the reason for my call. The nurse came in and it was clear I was in distress and she was soon joined by several others. They tag teamed carried me off the floor and put me into bed and after a few questions and my weak attempts to describe what I was going through, the nursing staff paged the medical staff.

The overnight MD for 8-West is usually just one person for the unit but since the team showed up it must have been the transition to the morning shift that happens around 5AM.

The MD in charge asked a few questions and the order was given: nasal gastric tube insertion. In a matter of minutes, the tube was placed and in a matter of minutes hundreds of milliliters of fluid was collected in the vacuum trap. This would be the eighth time I've had this medical device utilized for my medical care - the second time during this hospitalization.

The NG tube drew out liters of fluid through the day.

I found solace recalling the familiar Psalm written by David.

Psalm 23

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want
He makes me lie down in green pastures
He leads me beside quiet waters
He restores my soul
He guides me in the paths of righteousness For His name’s sake.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I fear no evil, for You are with me
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies
You have anointed my head with oil
My cup overflows
Surely goodness and lovingkindness will follow me all the days of my life
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever

Day 9 - Wednesday September 14

Somewhere around mid-morning, I was wheeled down to the x-ray unit where contrast was delivered through the NG tube. The plan was to take a series of x-rays to monitor the flow of the contrast through my GI tract to see what was going on inside. Suffice to say I threw up some of the contrast but enough was inside me for the study to go forward. I can't recall how long I was down at the x-ray facility and at what intervals the x-rays were taken. Eventually, I was wheeled back up to 8-West where the portable x-ray unit would take additional pictures at designated intervals. By 3pm the nausea and pain from the fluid build up was too great and the NG tube suction was restarted. Additional x-rays were shot in the afternoon and early evening.

Day 10 - Thursday September 15

The team ordered a CT scan with IV contrast for the morning. By the afternoon, the team told me that the contrast study from the previous day and from today showed that some of the contrast dye did make it into my colon but some was still trapped in the small bowels and that there were indications of looped bowels suggesting obstruction. It was likely I had some combination of small bowel obstruction and post-operative ileus. Whether one proceeded the other was not clear but the treatment for both was the same: NG tube and watch and wait. Surgical intervention would only be called upon if strangulation occurred.

Day 11 - Friday September 16

Up to this point, I had been given various saline solutions with dextrose to keep me hydrated and supplied with energy. However, this is not a complete nutritional profile. Since it was clear I would not be leaving anytime soon, provision needed to be made for me to receive total parenteral nutrition (TPN). Since this material cannot be delivered by the standard peripheral IV, a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) line needed to be installed.The specially trained technician swabbed my arm with disinfectant, laid out the sterile materials, visualized the vein in my arm with the ultrasound and threaded the catheter into the vein and eventually ending in my heart. Total time from beginning to end: 20 minutes. During this hospital stay, one song I learned in high school came to my mind during the many moments of discouragement. It is a simple song but it redirected my eyes toward God and sustained me.

Matthew 11 (Wes Terasaki)

Come unto me, all who are weak 
Weary and heavy laden 
Gentle am I, humble in heart 
And you shall find rest for your soul.

All things are given unto those who believe 
Princes and lowly ones His blessings receive 
And just when I think that means everyone but me 
Jesus comes beckoning to me 

Enter the holy gates just as you are 
No need for a happy face, just come with your heart 
And Jesus will bring us a joyful melody 
If only His calling we heed 

We are His little ones, children of God 
Children and fellow heirs of His kingdome come 
And we share the greatest love the world has ever seen 
Here in the Lord's family 

Day 12 - Saturday September 17

The TPN bag was hung this evening. One bag had amino acids for my protein needs along with vitamins and minerals and a much higher percentage dextrose (sugar for calories) compared to the regular saline/dextrose IV bags. The other bag contained lipids and phospholipids.

Day 13 - Sunday September 18

Rinse and repeat: the PICC line continued to give me TPN over a 24 hour period and the lipid bag was infused over 12 hours. NG tube output was measured during each shift and comparable replacement fluid was infused during that shift.

Day 14 - Monday September 19

Rinse and repeat: the PICC line gave me TPN over a 24 hour period and the lipid bag was infused over 12 hours. NG tube output was measured during each shift and comparable replacement fluid was infused during that shift.

Previously, the daily meds were: famotidinelovenox, and atorvastatin. One new thing added was Reglan, three times a day via IV.

Today, I was issued "patio privileges" which meant I could tell the nurse that I was going to take a walk away from the 8th floor and could even go outside to the patios of the hospital. Since I was still dependent on the NG tube suction, the recommendation be away for a maximum of 30 minutes. I didn't have the energy to take advantage of it on this day but would in all the subsequent days.

Day 15 - Tuesday September 20

Rinse and repeat.

Day 16 - Wednesday September 21

The day started and seemed headed toward rinse and repeat. However, today, the team decided to test if I can go without the NG tube suction. The NG tube stayed in but I was unhooked from the suction starting in the late morning. If I felt nausea or pain, I was to report it to the nurses and they would examine me and reconnect me to the suction if needed. Interestingly and positively, no nausea or pain arrived after many hours "off leash!"

Day 17 - Thursday September 22

By the afternoon, I had been off suction for over 24 hours so the team decided it was time to remove the NG tube!

Day 18 - Friday September 23

Liquid diet was started. Since my bowels had been asleep nearly 3 weeks, I was told take a sip every 10 minutes and don't push it. Just go slow.

Day 19 - Saturday September 24

More liquid diet. Take a bit every 10 minutes or so and don't push it. Just go slow.

Day 20 - Sunday September 25

Pureed food. Take a bit every 10 minutes or so and don't push it. Just go slow.

Day 21 - Monday September 26

Limited solid food. Take a bit every 10 minutes or so and don't push it. Just go slow.

The nutritionist came to check in on me in the morning. She anticipated I might be discharged on Tuesday. When I get home I was told to take it very slow. Wait a couple of weeks before adding raw fruits and vegetables.

The order was given to taper off the TPN. Because of the high dextrose content, they don't want to just stop the flow. The flow rate was cut in half for a couple of hours and then cut in half again for a couple of hours and then stopped all together.

By the afternoon, the PICC line was removed.

Day 22 - Tuesday September 27

Limited solid food. Take a bit every 10 minutes or so and don't push it. Just go slow.

By 1pm I was officially discharged!

Another song that gave me comfort and strength during my three-week stay was this old classic hymn.

Great is thy Faithfulness (Thomas Chisholm)

Great is thy faithfulness, O God my Father
there is no shadow of turning with thee
thou changest not, thy compassions, they fail not
as thou hast been thou forever will be. 

Great is thy faithfulness! Great is thy faithfulness! 
Morning by morning new mercies I see
all I have needed thy hand hath provided
great is thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!

Much appreciation goes to the staff of 8West, Team "L," the surgical group, and all the professionals at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center for their efforts in my care. I am grateful we can find such people to do this kind of work - they are amazing.

Also, much thanks go to family and friends who visited and supported through prayer me and my wife through this health episode.

And most of all, God has shown me so much love and grace through Mrs. Rambler who was my heartbeat and rock to lean upon during this extended stay in the hospital.

Previous SBO hospitalizations:

Disclaimer: The material above is a description of my health experience. Though I have attempted to be accurate I am not a medical professional. If you are in need of actual medical advice, please contact your physician.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Galaxy could disappear into the injury black hole....

In the latest "power rankings" over at the Galaxy fall to 8th and rightly so. They haven't done much lately. And it is looking like it is going to be a rough September for them.

They note: "With Gyasi Zardes out for the season, Jelle Van Damme out 2-3 weeks, Steven Gerrard nursing a knock, Nigel de Jong flirting with Turkey (it's official, he has been transferred) and zero wins in their last five, the Galaxy don't look like a top seed in the West."

Will be interesting to see who Coach Arena sends out there for Saturday's match at home against the Columbus Crew.

Good to see Rowe back in goal.

Back four likely to be: Steres, Leonardo, Cole, Rogers
D-midfield: Larentowicz and Husidic
A-mid/forwards: Dos Santos, Magee, Boateng, Lletget

Larentowicz and Magee are a bit older and will likely be subbed out at some point in the second half. Would figure Gordon would be plugged in. Wonder which of the youngster will get minutes as the second and third subs?

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Liverpool 1-1-1 so far

Great win against Arsenal.

Laid an egg against Burnley.

Played a high intensity game against Tottenham resulting in a draw.

Which Liverpool team will show up this weekend?

In 2015-2016:
Leicester City road the magic carpet to the title. Don't see them repeating. Maybe 8th?

Arsenal finished 2nd last year. What about this year? Perhaps 4th?

Tottenham was 3rd last year and they have the ability to be 3rd again this year.

Man City came in 4th last year and this year they look to move up under Pep to 2nd place?

Man U got the 5th spot last year and with Jose and Zlatan, they may win the whole thing this year!

Liverpool was hot and cold all season and came in 8th. If the first 3 games is an indication of similar hot/cold performances, they could claw their way to 7th. On the other hand, if they play like they did against Arsenal, they could get as high as 4th. Time will tell if they can show some consistency.

Chelsea, after a dreadful start climbed up to 10th. Under new leadership, look for them to finish 5th.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Ooofffff - Falkenberg takes it on the chin 0-5 to Jonkoping

It is not looking good for the team by the sea. Check out the video highlight package from CMORE.

With this loss, FFF falls to 16th in the table. I had projected which games they probably needed to win in order to have a shot at staying in the top league. Suffice to say, today was one of those games. Instead, they were wiped out.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

LA Galaxy & Seattle Sounders - A tale of two clubs

On Sunday, LA plays Seattle up at Seattle.

It has been a rough season for Seattle. This item highlights what has been going wrong this year.

The club has been losing matches and the coach has been fired and there are rumors of discord in the locker room.

LA has won its last 6 matches (4 MLS and 2 Open Cup) and climbing up the table in the West and in the Supporter's Shield. They have been playing good defense and the offense is been efficient. 34 goals puts them in the top 6 in the MLS but 207 shots is last in the league!

Can the Galaxy make a run to the MLS Cup with this group?

Certainly, the players seem to be playing well as a team both on offense and defense. The additions of the three aging Eurostars off season has made a difference. However, they have picked up some red cards and injuries which could cost them. In the end, a run to a championship needs both talent, chemistry among players, and some luck in avoiding the injuries. But in addition to the older talent on the club, the Galaxy's eye for younger talent has been another key to their success.

Seattle certainly looks vulnerable right now and the Galaxy should win this one but Seattle and Galaxy have had their share of tough matches over the years!

UPDATE: 1-1 tie. Didn't see the whole match but Seattle looked to be having the better of it and LA managed to snatch a tie from the jaws of defeat. Certainly, looking at the states, the Green bars were better than the Blue bars.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Kaine-Pence 2016 Pence-Kaine

What is a #nevertrump #neverhillary voter to do? The respective VP are both "no drama" and some say even "boring" but they have worked with people as governors to generally good reviews. Prefer that to the traveling road show of Clinton or Trump!

Don't know if California allows write-ins but it is a temptation. May also consider Johnson-Weld, two former governors running on the Libertarian ticket. What else can a dis-enchanted voter do?

The write-in option would be a somewhat "wasted" protest vote as it may or may not count (see items below). Voting Libertarian will "count" but unless they garner much more votes their impact on the two major parties will remain on the margins but perhaps that is worth something.

If you are curious, here are a few articles about write-in candidates. Suffice to say, it will either not be counted or lumped together with generic "other."


An individual can run as a write-in candidate. In 34 states, a write-in candidate must file some paperwork in advance of the election. In nine states, write-in voting for presidential candidates is not permitted. The remaining states do not require write-in candidates to file paperwork in advance of the election


In most states, registered write-in candidates like Nader and Allen at least get the joy of seeing their piddling results the next day. But in Oregon, the computerized tabulation system won't calculate any specific write-in results unless it appears the contender has enough support to win. And five states -- Hawaii, Nevada, South Dakota, Oklahoma, and South Carolina -- don't allow any Presidential write-ins, and never have. Louisiana, the sixth no-write-in state, got rid of them in 1975 after it adopted a system in which anyone could get on the regular ballot, regardless of party affiliation. [.....] Unregistered write-ins have to be thrown out manually. "My friends used to write me in for county attorney, and I used to think it was funny," says Kanefield, letting his chuckle stop short. "[That was] until I got into the election administration. It takes time to process those." The person who has to sort your vote for Boston Red Sox center fielder Johnny Damon from the pile will undoubtedly find it less amusing than you do.


In Maryland and Virginia, write-in votes for candidates who did not file their candidacies with the state get piled into a generic “other” or “write-in” category. “Even though those votes should be counted for, sometimes elections boards think it is too much trouble and you’ll have a vote here and a vote there and they’ll lump them together as ‘other,'” said Johns Hopkins University professor Ben Ginsberg. “(Your vote) will count in the sense that somewhere in that computer, the vote will be registered,” Ginsberg added, noting that the vote will not be counted for a specific candidate.