California Electricity - what does 100% renewable mean?

Skinny version: 100% renewable sources for electrical generation is a good goal but there are some practical challenges to making it happen because of the variable nature of solar and wind production of electricity. In order to make it work, other more consistent renewable sources have to be developed, battery storage capacity dramatically increased, and as a final backstop traditional forms of electrical generation will probably have to be retained at some level. Below, an attempt to look at the numbers.

The California Independent System Operator's (ISO) mission as described on their web page: The ISO manages the flow of electricity across the high-voltage, long-distance power lines that make up 80 percent of California’s and a small part of Nevada’s grid. The nonprofit public benefit corporation keeps power moving to homes and communities.

One would figure this source would offer a realistic view of the California electrical system and how we are doing in terms of renewable …

Expectations: FFF, Elfsborg, Liverpool FC, QPR, LA Galaxy, LAFC

Time for the expectations round up!
Starting up their seasons are QPR and Liverpool FC.
At the low end for QPR is the practical goal of AVOIDING relegation. Given their financial limits due to FFP fines, they aren't going to be bringing in pricey players or even non-pricy players. They will need to make do with their in-house talent of which there are some promising young ones. So if they stay up in the Championship, the season would have to be called a success!
If the young players bloom, the high end of the expectations would be to finish in the upper half of the bottom half. There are 24 teams in the Championship so the bottom half is 13-24 and the upper half of that is 13-18. If they get to 18, they should throw a parade around Loftus Road!
As for Liverpool FC, after all the big spending, the low end is closing in on the high end of expectations. Man City is still the biggest fish among the big six and remains the favorite to win the Premier League. Thus, a lively race for the…

LAFC 2 LAG 2 in match #2 of El Trafico

MLS put out this video to recap the drama leading to the first match and highlights from the match itself.

MLS | El Trafico - Chapter 01 from EVO Films USA on Vimeo.

Here is the highlight package from last night's match.

LAG managed to "steal" a draw.

Down 2-0, they removed Cole, a defender, and added Pontius, an attacker. They also took out Kitchen, the defensive midfielder, and put in Lleget a more offensive minded midfielder. LAG went all in to equalize.

The Galaxy brain trust has a lot to think about. In both matches, LAG was over-run in the first half. They spent lots of money for defense and against fast teams like LAFC they can't keep up. In the end, LAG has go into offense mode and open things up and hope to outscore the opponent. Against weaker opposition that works. But against the top tier that will probably not end well. LAFC is still a work in progress and eventually they will get to the point where the 2-0 lead will be enough and they will make LAG pay w…

QPR - what next?

Breaking news: QPR Financial Fair Play (FFP) settlement reached.
Brief background:

QPR overspent in violation of FFP rules during its 2013-2014 season when they won promotion to the Premier League. QPR has been in a legal battle with the English Football League regarding the monetary fines for the FFP violationQPR has now agreed to a settlement that includes monetary fines and inability to make transfers in the 2019 January window.

The English Championship season is done with the exception of promotion playoffs.

Wolverhampton and Cardiff City have won promotion.

Barnsley, Burton Albion, and Sunderland have been relegated.

Fulham has defeated Derby County to advance to the promotion finals.

Aston Villa plays Middlesbrough tomorrow to determine the other finalist.

Meanwhile, QPR finished 16th.

With the FFP penalties that have been hanging over their heads (now official as of July 27, 2018), they are constrained financially. Thus, the club's realistic aspirations at this point in thei…

World Cup 2018

Who is going to win?

Show me the numbers!

The stat heads over at 538 say Brazil, Spain, and Germany are the favorites.

The FIFA world rankings have Germany, Brazil, and Belgium as the top three.

If the Bovada odd's makers know anything, they have Brazil, Germany, and Spain listed 1-2-3.

If history is any guide:
2014 winner Germany (no one has defended a title since Brazil won 1958 and 1962)
2010 winner Spain (won 1 time so far)
2006 winner Italy (they didn't qualify this year)
2002 winner Brazil (won 5 times so far)
1998 winner France (won 1 time so far)

Looking further back into history, the only other nations to ever win a World Cup:
Argentina (1986, 1978)
England (1966)
Uruguay (1950, 1930)

From listening to sports people, Brazil, Spain, and Germany are the clear favorites. But in breaking news today, the manager of Spain has just been sacked.

Getting some mention are Belgium and France for having a collection of solid top level players.

Also mentioned are Portugal and Argentin…

California June 2018 Elections, part I: State Wide Elective Offices

In the California governor's race, it is shaping up to be a North vs. South race of the Democrats.

Newson, former SF mayor holds a slim lead in the polls over Villaraigosa, former LA mayor.

Not surprisingly, the SF Chronicle has endorsed Newson while the LA Times has endorsed Villaraigosa.

The two Republicans, Cox and Allen are behind in the Top Two primary system.

UPDATE (6/5): When I posted this originally (5/22), Cox and Allen were somewhat behind but Cox has picked up some ground and Villaraigosa has lost ground while Newson seems to be holding steady. 

UPDATE (6/8): Newsom (D) 34% Cox (R) 26% Villaraigosa (D) 13%

The respective state parties did not offer any endorsements for governor.

For Lt. Governor, SF Chronicle has backed Jeff Bleich. I didn't see an endorsement in the LA Times as of yet. The California Democratic party did not endorse while the Cal GOP endorsed Cole Harris.

UPDATE (6/8): Kounalakis (D) 24% Hernandez (D) 21% Harris (R) 18%

In the Secretary of State race…

California June 2018 Elections, part II: Ballot Measures

Relatively sparse on the ballot measures this election.

Here is a chart of the positions taken by the two major parties (Republican and Democratic) and two of the better known minor parties (Greens and Libertarian) and two newspapers (Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Chronicle).

For a quick summary of the propositions see this item from Southern California Public Radio.

If you are curious, the latest party registration details can be found here.

In brief:
Democrats 44.58%
Republicans 25.27%
No Party Preference 25.11%
Libertarian 0.74%
Green 0.48%

It should be noted that "independents" or "no party preference" in this survey do lean Democratic (43%) compared to Republican (29%) while 28% claim no leaning either way.

UPDATE (6/8)
Prop 68 passing with 56%
Prop 69 passing with 80%
Prop 70 trailing with 36%
Prop 71 passing with 77%
Prop 72 passing with 83%