QPR - one novice soccer watcher's opinion

Come on you R's!

I may not be a West Londoner (I am a West Coast American) but am still rooting for Queen Park Rangers to have a good season.

Of course, good depends on one's expectations!

In my case, my expectations for the Rangers is to be solidly mid-table with the hope in some future season to take a whiff of the promotion playoffs.

My personal connection to QPR is only through the one match I attended when I was in London with a free evening while on a business trip. However, as I learned about the Queens Park Rangers, I have become a supporter for narrative reasons.

I have heard of their efforts to be a community based club. Events like the Game for Grenfell and the moving story below of QPR's efforts to help those with mental health struggles.

Powerful stuff!

And so I'm a fan. Regardless of how they do, I'll be a supporter. I'll keep a check on the score of how they do. If they appear on USA TV, I'll try to see them and so far I've seen parts of …

Its Liverpool - the incredibly obvious comments about the latest against Everton

When you see a 1-0 scoreline you get nervous that LFC would give up the equalizer. And indeed, it happened in the second half. It was so Liverpool!

The incredibly obvious comments:
Magnificent goal by Salah.
Mane should have passed the ball for the tap in and a 2-0 lead.
LFC dominated but didn't get the second, third, fourth goal they needed to put the game away.
Klopp probably switched up the team too much. With Coutinho or Firmino in they probably get those second, third or fourth goal.
Lovren should NOT have pushed the guy for the "soft" penalty. Just don't even give the ref the chance to make that call.

LA Galaxy - what is left in the cupboard

Corner of the Galaxy has a list of the players that are currently on contract - see below.

One must remember that just because someone is off contract doesn't mean they can't be re-signed though the expectation is that very few would be resigned. Likewise, those on contract could still be moved by some kind of trade deal.

In any case, here is the list of who is officially still a part of the LA Galaxy.
Emmanuel BoatengBradford JamiesonDaniel SteresDave RomneyAriel LassiterRomain AlessandriniHugo ArellanoMichael CianiGiovani dos Santos Jonathan dos Santos Sebastian Lletget Joao PedroGyasi Zardes - rumors he might be dealt awayBaggio Husidic - however contract will expire soonAshley Cole - however contract will expire soon With this group what does the depth chart look like assuming Zardes gets traded.
Goalkeeper Need a serious #1 keeper - Deal maybe for Bingham? (12/16/17) Deal rejected by MLS to move Ousted? (12/16/17)Need a #2 keeper with at least some experiencePick up a youngs…

Liverpool FC Group E Champion's League Scenarios

Liverpool defeats Spartak = LFC advance as group E winners.

Liverpool draw with Spartak
Sevilla defeat Maribor = Sevilla wins group with 11 points and LFC advances as second place with 10 points.

Liverpool draw with Spartak
Sevilla draws with Maribor = LFC advances as group winners with 10 points and Sevilla advances as second place with 9 points.

Liverpool loses to Spartak
Sevilla defeats Maribor = Sevilla wins group with 11 points, Spartak advances as second place with 9 points, LFC has 9 points but finish third on tiebreaker (head to head scores with Spartak).

Liverpool loses to Spartak
Sevilla draws Maribor = tiebreaker scenarios!
LFC would have 9 points
Sevilla would have 9 points
Spartak would have 9 points
First tiebreaker = points in matches among tied teams
Spartak wins the group with 7 points
Sevilla finishes second with 5 points
LFC finishes third with 3 points

Liverpool should advance to the round-of-sixteen. But then again, the USMNT should have qualified for the World Cu…

Star Trek Discovery - Episodes 8-9 random comments from a Cadet level fan

And so ends the first part of season 1. The show comes back from hiatus in January.

I think they are developing the characters nicely and you can imagine them being a crew for future exploration post-war. However, the plot lines do point to the fact that each may have some serious problems adjusting to life post-war:

Lorca - heroic leadership but also crazed from blowing up his previous crew and being tortured by the Klingons and pushing the rules with the Disco crew. He could be relieved of duty at anytime by the admiralty of Star Fleet.
Ash - heroic soldier but crazed by being tortured by the Klingons and of course the lingering suspicion that he is actually a genetically/surgically altered Klingon.
Stamets - heroic scientist but crazed by having Tardigrade DNA injected into him and having had too many trips into the multiverse with the magical mushroom spores.
Burnham - heroic efforts all around but of course there is still the matter of the life sentence for mutiny.

About the only…

LA Galaxy and LAFC

The LA Galaxy came off their worst season in recent memory. The post-mortem seems to be that it was a combination of injuries and poor construction of the team and toxic locker room culture. The big question mark for LAG's braintrust is who stays and who goes? And is the rebuild going to be to blow up the whole thing or just make a few changes?

Meanwhile, LAFC has a blank slate to work from.

LAFC is slowly adding some talent to their squad.

Carlos Vela was their first big name signing from the Mexico national team and La Liga. He was obtained via the Designated Player (DP) mechanism.

Omar Gaber is coming on loan from Swiss Super League and is arriving using Targeted Allocation Money (TAM).

LAFC will get some players via the expansion draft and other draft procedures.

In the past, one had very low expectation of how competitive an expansion team can be. However, with the success of Atlanta United last year, it is possible to make the right picks and field a highly competitive team.