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The Stuff of Nuclear Bombs
With Iraq and North Korea in the news so much, I was curious about the "manufacturing" of nuclear bombs. The DOE has a simple yet informative chart.

What follows is a quick FAQ about some of the terminology.

Just how big could the rogue nation bombs be?

They would probably be similar or smaller in destructive force to the ones used in WW2 since they are based on the same physics. The ones used in WW2 were fission bombs where the destructive energy is released by the splitting of atoms and yield explosive forces in kilotons of TNT range. Eventually, techology advanced to fission-fusion bombs where the destructive energy is derived from the fusion of atoms. These bombs can be in the megaton range. A fission explosion is utilized to provide the high energy needed for the subsequent fusion step. Rogue nuclear programs would be developing fission weapons.

Keep hearing about uranium and plutonium, what is that all about?

It turns out that there are 2 type…
@ the Movies
Lord of the Rings -- the Two Towers: A-

I read the trilogy back in high school so details are faded but I've really enjoyed the 2 films so far. I think the first film was a tad better in that the pacing was better. In Two towers, they have to follow 3 threads and the jumping around though done very well, at times the momentum seem to wane. 2 nit picks... perhaps the scenes wound up on the cutting room floor... but the Ents deciding to fight Sauraman seemed sudden and uncharacteristic of the Ents. The change of heart of Boromir's brother seemed sudden. I've been told by Tolkein fans that those two episodes indeed were altered in the film. Overall, the action and adventure and the scenary and good versus evil themes had me riveted.

ST- Nemesis: B

The even number good, odd number not so good continues... the visual effects do indicate they have a lower budget... compared to the frantic space battles of Star Wars, ST's battle looks pretty tame. Also, I d…