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Politics: Reflections of a non-gun person

I do not own a gun. I have never even fired a gun. If I saw a gun on the table, I would leave it alone because I would not know how to check to see if it is loaded or not. If an emergency were in progress and I would need to use a handgun and there was one because a security guard with one was down, I wouldn't know how to remove a trigger lock or anything about how to hold, aim and fire it accurately.

I do think, maybe, I should know these very basic things. But of course, why should I gain those skills if I don't actually purchase a gun. Emotionally, I don't know if I am ready to go there.

The Newtown shooting was horrible and it has made me think about what should we do about guns in America?

According to this article in Huffington Post:
First 911 call was at 9:35 AM
SWAT team arrived at 9:45AM
Shooter confirmed dead at 10:30AM

This item from Middletown Press:
9:35 AM Dispatch, “Sandy Hook School, Caller’s indicated she thinks someone is shooting in the building.”
9:40 A…

Technology: Motorola Atrix Phone Shut-Down Problem

I have a Motorola Atrix phone through ATT. A handful of months later, it was replaced by the Atrix II.

The phone has worked reasonably well. With any first generation device, it has some occasional buggy-ness. For instance, the phone would crash periodically much like the early days of the Windows operating system. But, overall, the Atrix has worked pretty well.

But, recently, my Atrix phone would power down by itself and attempt to restart but eventually powering down again during the restart cycle. If unattended to, it would keep doing this multiple times.

I was able to stop this behavior by interrupting the restart cycle by pushing the power button and doing a forced POWER OFF. The other thing I did was pop off the battery during the restart cycle which also stopped the repeated cycle. But eventually, the phone would have the same problem in a handful of hours and sometimes sooner.

A Google search of the problem seemed to indicate that many users think this problem is due to an AP…

Politics: The "Fiscal Cliff" Deal and the Road Ahead

Part I of the drama has concluded: much of the Bush era tax rates were retained with the exception for those $400,000 and up.

Part II of the drama, the spending sequester, was pushed back 2 months.

Part III of the drama, the debt limit will be coming up around the same time as the sequester deadline.

At one time, there was the thought that tax cuts would "starve" spending because the debt would become unbearable.

But, today, going forward, it is equally likely that the massive spending of recent years would "feed" the need for taxes because the debt would become unbearable.

It will be interesting which of the two "narratives" will ultimately win out.

Part II/Part III of the "Fiscal Cliff" drama could result in more taxes or cutting spending or more likely more budgetary shell games kicking the can down the road.

On the spending side, there are essentially three almost untouchable pillars being advocated by Washington:
the elderly in the form of …