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Sports Blogging in Red and Blue

Am hoping to blog a bit more in 2015.

What will be on tap?

In Blue:

Dodger Blue - the new ownership group has taken big steps to remake the Dodgers according to their plans. The off-season house cleaning has been dramatic with Ned Colletti who built the previous team moved out of the GM spot. The new brain trust, Farhan Zaidi and Andrew Friedman, has shipped off many pieces from the previous season's line-up. So look for blog posts on the upcoming season as the Dodgers continue to strive to return to the mountaintop they haven't been to since 1988.

It is time for new World Series dramatic moments involving the Dodgers!

UCLA Bruin Blue - UCLA Men's Basketball is in for a rough season as they lost almost all of last season's starting line-up to early departures to the NBA and graduation. Nonetheless, will be keeping tabs on their progress with realistic expectations. I think finishing fourth in the Pac12 would be quite a feat with their diminished rooster. Alford's job …

Life: Episode V, SBO Strikes Back

For followers of this blog, you know I have been hospitalized for small bowel obstruction in 2004, 2005 and earlier in 2009 and later in 2009.

In 2004, there was a surgical intervention. One side-effect of a surgical intervention is the formation of scar tissue and possible adhesions. These raise the risk of future bowel obstruction episodes.

Think of the intestines as ribbons in a bowl (abdominal cavity). Normally, they slip and slide past each other without incident. But if one has scar tissue so they aren't so smooth in certain patches and they are sticky (adhesions), the ribbons will not always slip and slide past each other as smoothly and every once in a while they get stuck. At that point, the plumbing analog gives you the best picture - things get backed up!

And so it was at 2AM Thursday January 30. Sometimes, the pain goes away in an hour or so and I return to regular life. But by 8AM, the pain had not receded and I was concerned and phoned my primary care physician. He w…