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How my soccer clubs are doing?

Previously posted about the expectations of the clubs I follow.

Where are we now?

QPR: "At the low end for QPR is the practical goal of AVOIDING relegation. Given their financial limits due to FFP fines, they aren't going to be bringing in pricey players or even non-pricy players. They will need to make do with their in-house talent of which there are some promising young ones. So if they stay up in the Championship, the season would have to be called a success! If the young players bloom, the high end of the expectations would be to finish in the upper half of the bottom half. There are 24 teams in the Championship so the bottom half is 13-24 and the upper half of that is 13-18. If they get to 18, they should throw a parade around Loftus Road!"

They are currently in 10th place! Can they keep it up?!

LFC: "Man City is still the biggest fish among the big six and remains the favorite to win the Premier League. Thus, a lively race for the title (win or lose) would b…

Dodgers 2018 and 2019 - contracts and plans

Hats off to the Red Sox on winning the 2018 World Series.

In the final analysis, they won on each front: starting pitching, relief pitching, and hitting.

And thanks for the memories to LA Dodgers 2018. It was a rough season of injuries but they managed to pull together enough pieces to make a run all the way to the World Series.

What is 2019 looking like?

Starting pitching: 
Buehler – the new #1
Hill – solid competitor, veteran presence, the number 2 starter
Kershaw – he can opt-out but am thinking Dodgers will extend him a couple of years at reduced cost, but clearly his health issues will need to be looked at carefully and he may need to adjust his pitching style. Perhaps, needs to pick up a fourth pitch? He is now the #3 starter
Ryu – how much effort to make to re-sign him for a couple more years?
Urias – he might be ready to start next year?
Stripling – did he run out of gas but could he return to starting next year or train to be a set-up guy? Maeda – might be time to move him? Lo…

California Electricity - what does 100% renewable mean?

Skinny version: 100% renewable sources for electrical generation is a good goal but there are some practical challenges to making it happen because of the variable nature of solar and wind production of electricity. In order to make it work, other more consistent renewable sources have to be developed, battery storage capacity dramatically increased, and as a final backstop traditional forms of electrical generation will probably have to be retained at some level. Below, an attempt to look at the numbers.

The California Independent System Operator's (ISO) mission as described on their web page: The ISO manages the flow of electricity across the high-voltage, long-distance power lines that make up 80 percent of California’s and a small part of Nevada’s grid. The nonprofit public benefit corporation keeps power moving to homes and communities.

One would figure this source would offer a realistic view of the California electrical system and how we are doing in terms of renewable …

Expectations: FFF, Elfsborg, Liverpool FC, QPR, LA Galaxy, LAFC

Time for the expectations round up!
Starting up their seasons are QPR and Liverpool FC.
At the low end for QPR is the practical goal of AVOIDING relegation. Given their financial limits due to FFP fines, they aren't going to be bringing in pricey players or even non-pricy players. They will need to make do with their in-house talent of which there are some promising young ones. So if they stay up in the Championship, the season would have to be called a success!
If the young players bloom, the high end of the expectations would be to finish in the upper half of the bottom half. There are 24 teams in the Championship so the bottom half is 13-24 and the upper half of that is 13-18. If they get to 18, they should throw a parade around Loftus Road!
As for Liverpool FC, after all the big spending, the low end is closing in on the high end of expectations. Man City is still the biggest fish among the big six and remains the favorite to win the Premier League. Thus, a lively race for the…

LAFC 2 LAG 2 in match #2 of El Trafico

MLS put out this video to recap the drama leading to the first match and highlights from the match itself.

MLS | El Trafico - Chapter 01 from EVO Films USA on Vimeo.

Here is the highlight package from last night's match.

LAG managed to "steal" a draw.

Down 2-0, they removed Cole, a defender, and added Pontius, an attacker. They also took out Kitchen, the defensive midfielder, and put in Lleget a more offensive minded midfielder. LAG went all in to equalize.

The Galaxy brain trust has a lot to think about. In both matches, LAG was over-run in the first half. They spent lots of money for defense and against fast teams like LAFC they can't keep up. In the end, LAG has go into offense mode and open things up and hope to outscore the opponent. Against weaker opposition that works. But against the top tier that will probably not end well. LAFC is still a work in progress and eventually they will get to the point where the 2-0 lead will be enough and they will make LAG pay w…

QPR - what next?

Breaking news: QPR Financial Fair Play (FFP) settlement reached.
Brief background:

QPR overspent in violation of FFP rules during its 2013-2014 season when they won promotion to the Premier League. QPR has been in a legal battle with the English Football League regarding the monetary fines for the FFP violationQPR has now agreed to a settlement that includes monetary fines and inability to make transfers in the 2019 January window.

The English Championship season is done with the exception of promotion playoffs.

Wolverhampton and Cardiff City have won promotion.

Barnsley, Burton Albion, and Sunderland have been relegated.

Fulham has defeated Derby County to advance to the promotion finals.

Aston Villa plays Middlesbrough tomorrow to determine the other finalist.

Meanwhile, QPR finished 16th.

With the FFP penalties that have been hanging over their heads (now official as of July 27, 2018), they are constrained financially. Thus, the club's realistic aspirations at this point in thei…

World Cup 2018

Who is going to win?

Show me the numbers!

The stat heads over at 538 say Brazil, Spain, and Germany are the favorites.

The FIFA world rankings have Germany, Brazil, and Belgium as the top three.

If the Bovada odd's makers know anything, they have Brazil, Germany, and Spain listed 1-2-3.

If history is any guide:
2014 winner Germany (no one has defended a title since Brazil won 1958 and 1962)
2010 winner Spain (won 1 time so far)
2006 winner Italy (they didn't qualify this year)
2002 winner Brazil (won 5 times so far)
1998 winner France (won 1 time so far)

Looking further back into history, the only other nations to ever win a World Cup:
Argentina (1986, 1978)
England (1966)
Uruguay (1950, 1930)

From listening to sports people, Brazil, Spain, and Germany are the clear favorites. But in breaking news today, the manager of Spain has just been sacked.

Getting some mention are Belgium and France for having a collection of solid top level players.

Also mentioned are Portugal and Argentin…

California June 2018 Elections, part I: State Wide Elective Offices

In the California governor's race, it is shaping up to be a North vs. South race of the Democrats.

Newson, former SF mayor holds a slim lead in the polls over Villaraigosa, former LA mayor.

Not surprisingly, the SF Chronicle has endorsed Newson while the LA Times has endorsed Villaraigosa.

The two Republicans, Cox and Allen are behind in the Top Two primary system.

UPDATE (6/5): When I posted this originally (5/22), Cox and Allen were somewhat behind but Cox has picked up some ground and Villaraigosa has lost ground while Newson seems to be holding steady. 

UPDATE (6/8): Newsom (D) 34% Cox (R) 26% Villaraigosa (D) 13%

The respective state parties did not offer any endorsements for governor.

For Lt. Governor, SF Chronicle has backed Jeff Bleich. I didn't see an endorsement in the LA Times as of yet. The California Democratic party did not endorse while the Cal GOP endorsed Cole Harris.

UPDATE (6/8): Kounalakis (D) 24% Hernandez (D) 21% Harris (R) 18%

In the Secretary of State race…

California June 2018 Elections, part II: Ballot Measures

Relatively sparse on the ballot measures this election.

Here is a chart of the positions taken by the two major parties (Republican and Democratic) and two of the better known minor parties (Greens and Libertarian) and two newspapers (Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Chronicle).

For a quick summary of the propositions see this item from Southern California Public Radio.

If you are curious, the latest party registration details can be found here.

In brief:
Democrats 44.58%
Republicans 25.27%
No Party Preference 25.11%
Libertarian 0.74%
Green 0.48%

It should be noted that "independents" or "no party preference" in this survey do lean Democratic (43%) compared to Republican (29%) while 28% claim no leaning either way.

UPDATE (6/8)
Prop 68 passing with 56%
Prop 69 passing with 80%
Prop 70 trailing with 36%
Prop 71 passing with 77%
Prop 72 passing with 83%

California Elections June 2018, part III: local judges

Voting on the judges in the county is an unusual exercise in that there is relatively little advertising and news coverage compared to other positions. Unless you know people in the legal profession, it is hard to get any input on who to vote for.

One can go to the internet to find some sources and here are some I have checked: the Los Angeles Times (LAT), the LA County Bar Association (Bar), LA County Democratic Party (Dem), and Judge Voter Guide (VG). Suffice to say, each entity has its own approach so take it for whatever you will.

UPDATE (6/8): County Judge elections posted at LA County Registrar web page scroll down to find results.

Office No. 4:
Alfred A. Coletta (LAT, VG3star, Bar-Qualified) 42%
Veronica Sauceda (Dem, Bar-Well Qualified) 46%
Matthew Schondrun (Bar-Qualified) 12%

Office No. 16:
Sydne Jane Michel (LAT, VG4star, Bar-Qualified) 38%
Patricia “Patti” Hunter (Dem, Bar-Qualified) 39%
Hubert Yun (VG5star, Bar-Qualified) 23%

Office No. 20:
Wendy Segall (LAT, Dem, VG2star…

LA Galaxy: How the mighty have fallen

Call me spoiled.

Started following the LA Galaxy in earnest after the 2010 World Cup when Donovan scored that last last gasp goal for team USA to advance past the group stage. So it was easy enough to follow him and the LA Galaxy when the World Cup ended and the MLS season continued to its conclusion.

2010: Lost in Conference Finals
2011: Won MLS Cup
2012: Won MLS Cup
2013: Lost in Conference Semi-Finals
2014: Won MLS Cup

Thus, in the first 5 years of my following the team regularly, they won THREE MLS Cups!

Under GM and Coach Bruce Arena, LA Galaxy were the mighty ones astride the MLS landscape.

However, with MLS salary rules and improvements across many clubs in the league, the final two years of Bruce Arena were more modest. Nonetheless, they made the playoffs.

2015: Lost in knockout round
2016: Lost in Conference Semi-Finals

The USMNT collapsed and Klinsmann was fired and Arena was hired to rescue the World Cup qualification campaign and thus, left the LA Galaxy. Ultimately, team …

Real Madrid 3 Liverpool 1

It was a good run for the Reds. My feeling was that Liverpool would only have a chance if they could smash and grab an early lead and hang on for dear life.

When Mo Salah went out in the middle of the first half, the air was out of the balloon. But the team hung tough and got to halftime 0-0. However, you just had the feeling that Real Madrid would eventually breakthrough.

Sadly, the break came off an error from Liverpool goalkeeper Karius. Yet, Liverpool had one last gasp left as they gamely got the equalizer. However, goal number two for Real Madrid was a top 10 all-time highlight goal from Bale. Goal number three was icing for Real Madrid and sadly came off another error from Karius.

As a Los Angeles Dodger fan, the 2017 World Series was lost for a variety of reasons but the most public face of the defeat was the pitching collapses of Darvish (game 3 and 7),  Kershaw (game 5), and Jansen (game 2, 5). Pitchers get the outs or give up the runs and are easily defined as heroes or scap…

Liverpool back in the Champions League

Today, Real Madrid v Liverpool, in the Champions League Final in Kiev!

Check out the wonderful promo video from Liverpool FC recapping the entire campaign through Europe.

Part of following sports is the scores and stats but its pleasure is the narrative. In this case, as a Los Angelino on the west coast of America, I'm rooting for the team from the northwest of England, a place I've never been and likely will never visit (it is a bucket list trip though!). Liverpool's story of past glories and mostly middling results in recent memory now trying to reach one of the high mountains of the soccer world is a compelling one. The team is composed of players who are almost exclusively outside the realm of the A-listers but a passionate and capable coach has helped them play as a team. Combined with the on field work with a fanatical home fan base and international following, this is the stuff of great screenwriting and novelistic storytelling. Win or lose it has been a great ride …

LA Galaxy 1 SJ Earthquakes 0

Attended in person last night the Cali Classico. In years past, the two clubs were higher up in the table and the match would have more energy on the field and in the stands.

A few quick observations:
Chances were few and far between as both clubs didn't seem to be fully in sync. MLS match report put it this way: "Those were the only shots on goal in an energetic but largely incoherent clash between the California Clasico rivals."

LA won the possession stat (52.6 vs. 47.4) and the corner stat (7 vs. 3) confirming my overall impression that LA was slightly more on the front foot. However, it seemed on many occasions LA was kicking the ball sideways before attempting to move forward that then resulted in a Galaxy midfielder being dispossessed of the ball or sending to nowhere in particular.

The defense looked good as they tended to be in the right places when SJ was moving in attack. Bingham got a huge save late in the game to preserve the win by getting a finger on the ba…

Montreal vs. LA Galaxy: line-up options and guesses

What is a team to do when everything seems to be going the wrong way.

In the first 7 games, LAG endured 3 shutouts, 2 where they scored one goal, 1 game where they scored 2 goals and the one crazy game against LAFC where they scored 4. In this stretch, the feeling was the defense makes mistakes but was tolerable but the offense wasn't in sync.

In the last 3 games, the offense is still out of sync but has gotten 2 goals per match. The problem, the defense has turned into Swiss cheese yielding 3 goals per match.

So what next for the guys drawing up the starting line up?

Do you go back to bunkering like they did in the 0-0 road trip to Vancouver with an eye to counter-attack to steal the win?

Or do you double down on the attacking line-up and hope the team defense improves?

Standard line-up (4-2-3-1)
Back 4: Skjelvik, Ciani, Steres, Romney
Defensive-mid: Jonathan dos Santos and Carrasco
Attacking-mid: Alessandrini, Lletget, Kamara
Forward: Ibrahimovic

Planned subs:
Kitchen fo…

Wide World of Soccer - weekend April 28-29

Liverpool FC 0 Stoke City 0. Nuff said.

High drama on Wednesday for leg 2 against Roma. 5-2 lead looks good but Barcelona collapsed to Roma and were eliminated so Roma is not to be underestimated.

QPR takes care of business with a 3-1 win over bottom of the table Birmingham City.

LA Galaxy woes continue coming out on the short end 2-3 to NY Red Bulls. A couple of questionable calls went against LA Galaxy that took a goal off the LA tally and added a PK that was the Red Bull's winner.

LA Galaxy got some more offense but unfortunately their defense cost them.  One of the MLS analyst says that LA's 4-3-3 might be better for them. I speculated about that possibility back on April 13 though at that time I didn't anticipate Zlatan would start which he did.

LAFC in dramatic fashion defeat Seattle 1-0 with a stoppage time free kick!

Elfsborg falls 2-1 to Sundsvall.

Falkenberg plays on Tuesday on the road at Halmstad.

Wide world of soccer: weekend of April 21/22 2018

Hats off to LAFC for rallying from a 2-0 deficit to beat Montreal on the road. If you had said that LAFC would get 4 wins against 2 losses to open season entirely on the road, fans would take it. They have their home opener next weekend.

Liverpool was on the road at West Bromwich cruising with a 2-0 lead only to surrender 2 goals late. The problems of defense reared its head once again!

QPR lost to Brentford 2-1. Not surprising for a road game at a team at the top half of the table.

LA Galaxy fall at home to Atlanta 2-0. Saw the second half of the match on TV. Atlanta had the lead so they were probably not as aggressive on offense. Nonetheless, it seemed they were always more threatening to score while LAG only got weak "half" chances at goal. LAG simply looked inferior to Atlanta.

Falkenberg (FFF) is off to a 4 game win streak with a 3-1 victory over Frej Taby.

Elfsborg plays Monday against Stockholm based Djurgarden.

LAG thus far

LA Galaxy stand at 3 wins 1 draw 3 losses.

Have seen parts of several matches on television.

The 4-3 victory over LAFC highlighted the best and worst of the LA Galaxy: the worst, a defense that always looks on the edge of calamity, the best, an offense that, on this occasion, lived up to the hype.

However, in most other matches, it has been the offense that hasn't shown much life. Aside from that 4 goal explosion against LAFC, LAG has been shut out 3 times, scored 1 goal 2 times (one for a win and one for a loss), and scored 2 goals in the season opening victory.

Thus, at an anemic 8 goals for the season, only 4 clubs have scored less.

Meanwhile, the defense has allowed 10 goals which is middle of the pack.

On paper, their problems appear more on the offense side of the park than the defense side.

However, by the "eyeball" test, it looks like there are problems on both sides of the game.

The defense always looks to be on the edge of being overwhelmed. One would have thou…

Elfsborg wins!

In their fourth match of the season, Elfsborg finally got a victory with a 2-0 win on the road against Brommapojkarna!

Lot of ball watching on that second goal by the defenders, eh?

Below is the CMORE highlight package.

"We are Liverpool: this means more" LFC's latest promo video

Sports is partly about scores and stats but it is mostly about narrative.

"We are Liverpool: this means more" is LFC's latest promo video with great moving images of past and present and the narration of current manager Jurgen Klopp.

Fantastic and moving and I've only been a fan since 2014 and have never been within a hundred miles of Liverpool.

Wide world of Soccer - how the six clubs I follow did

Friday April 13
LAFC beat Vancouver 2-0 on the road
LAFC bounced back from two prior defeats and continue to show the acumen of signing Rossi and Vela who got the goals in the victory.

Saturday April 14
Liverpool defeated Bournemouth 3-0
The three headed front line get a goal apiece in a taking care of business win.

Elfsborg downed by Sirius 1-0 at home
That is now three straight losses for the boys from Boras but no time to panic yet as there are still 27 more matches. For historical context, Elfsborg have been in the top league since 1998. From that time onward, they won the league in 2006 and 2012. They finished second in 2008. They won the Svenska Cup in 2001, 2003 and 2014. Hopefully, they can get their season going real soon!

QPR lost at home to Preston 2-1
Preston is higher up in the table so a loss isn't too surprising.

Chicago 0 LA Galaxy 1
Zlatan has appeared in 3 games and now has 2 game winning goals! Wound up watching the match on the phone via the live stream on Twitter fo…

Chicago v Los Angeles Galaxy

The LA Galaxy and Zlatan take their show on the road to Chicago.

How many minutes will Zlatan play? 

He was in about 20 minutes against LAFC and 30 minutes against SKC. Some speculate 40 minutes in which case, might as well go 45 for a full second half. My "guts" tell me to look for 30 minutes again. This is his first road trip and the weather is likely to be miserable in Chicago so I'm thinking they play it safe with 30 minutes.

Any changes to the line-up that was used against SKC?

That line-up played SKC got their chances and played them pretty even with the exception of two defensive lapses in the early part of the second half which cost LAG the two goals. Thus, I don't see any line-up changes. The only two that could perhaps be considered is putting in Ciani for Steres but I think that unlikely. The other would be to start Lletget instead and have Boateng enter as his sub. But I think that unlikely as well but more possible than Ciani starting.

4-2-3-1 or something…

It is Big-ly: Man City v. Liverpool, Leg Two

Tonight's — Liverpool FC (@LFC) April 10, 2018
The starting XI is pretty much as expected. Admittedly, the bench is depleted; however, hopefully, they won't be called into service other than to provide some fresh defensive energy to close out the match. If they have to call up on the reserves to chase the game, then it would mean Liverpool is in serious trouble!

And here is the starting XI and the bench for Manchester City.
How we're lining-up tonight! 🙌

City XI | Ederson, Walker, Otamendi, Laporte, Fernandinho, De Bruyne, Silva (C), Sane, Sterling, Bernardo, G Jesus

Subs | Bravo, Aguero, Kompany, Foden, Gundogan, Zinchenko, — Manchester City (@ManCity) April 10, 2018
Currently, LFC has a three-goal edge.

If at the end of regulation the aggregate is:
3-0 LFC advances
3-1 LFC advances
3-2 LFC advances
3-3 goes to Extra-Time
3-4 Man City advances
4-4 LFC advances on away goals

The weekend in soccer

Saturday started with the Merseyside Derby.

Everton v. Liverpool 0-0 (draw) 

The Reds with an eye toward the second leg of the Champions League semi-final played a weakened side so a draw was a reasonable outcome.

Hull v. QPR 4-0 (loss)

Ugh. QPR isn't a top level team so don't expect them to win all the time but they are usually at least competitive and they weren't today.

Falkenberg v. Eskilstuna 2-0 (win)

Off to a good start with two wins. Can they keep it up and get back to the top tier? "Laget vid havet!"

Atlanta v. LAFC 5-0 (loss)

Did the stunning loss against LA Galaxy last weekend leave the team still out of sorts? Or perhaps Atlanta is simply too much for LAFC to deal with? In either case, Bob Bradley and the brain trust will need to look at their situation after the glossy start.

Sunday provided two matches for me to follow

Kalmar v. Elfborg 1-0 (loss)

Ooofff .... off to a bad start with two losses. 28 matches to go. Hopefully, they will get their feet under …

Wide world of soccer - LA Galaxy v LAFC

Complete craziness!

IN any language, exciting ....... video compilation of the Zlatan goal call from announcers from around the world!

LAFC made LA Galaxy defenders look like they had concrete shoes on and bang, 3-0 lead!

But the LA Galaxy woke up in the second half and LAFC started to get a little tight.

3-1, with the Lleget goal. Good to see him on the way to full force after so many months of rehab from his foot surgery that could have been career ending.

Zlatan comes into the game!

Boateng crosses and Pontius scores on a diving header, 3-2.

Free kick by LAFC goal keeper and Steres heads it upfield. Zlatan sees that the LAFC goalie is too far from his goal and the properly gauges the flight of the header and on the bounce strikes a swerving shot into the goal, 3-3!

LAFC realizes they could lose this thing and they wake up and start to attack and get shot that hits the post.

As the game appears to be winding down to a draw, LAG pushes forward as the ball goes toward the open space …

Wide world of soccer - LFC v Man City, leg 1

Champions League quarter-finals!

Am guessing Man City is favored but leg one is at Anfield.

The KOP should be loud tonight!

In reading around the various media outlets in the build up, there is concerns at LFC about injuries.

The Echo reports that Gomez, Matip, Klavan, and Can are not available for selection.

Line-up guesses:
GK: Karius
Defense: Alexander-Arnold, Lovren, Van Dijk, Robertson
Midfield: Henderson, Milner, Oxlade-Chamberlain
Frontline: Mane, Firmino, Salah

Liverpool take a 3-0 lead in leg 1. Here are the highlights!

Mohamed Salah, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Sadio Mane score in the first half!

Wide world of soccer - QPR!

QPR bounce back from their loss to Redding with a 4-1 victory over Norwich.

I had mentioned in my last blog post that I would go find fish and chips if QPR would win a match!

So now, I will need to look around the part of town I live in to see who has them on the menu.

Sheffield Wednesday is another club like QPR and Norwich occupying the middle-ish part of the bottom half of the table.

Come on you R's!

Wide world of soccer - Sweden

Swedish soccer leagues that I follow, Allsvenskan (tier 1) and Superettan (tier 2) have kicked off.

Elfsborg fell 2-1 to historic powerhouse Malmo.

According to, Malmo, AIK, and Ostersunds are the top-three in terms of "market value" of the clubs. Elfsborg is fifth.

According to one odds-maker site, Malmo, AIK, and Djurgarden are front-runners. Elfsborg is seventh.

Last season Elfsborg finished eighth.

In the Superettan, Helsingborg, Halmstad, and Jonkopings are the favorites according to the same odds-making site. Falkenberg is projected fifth.

On the basis of "market value," Helsingborg, Eskiltuna, and Jonkopings are the three strongest. Falkenberg comes in eighth.

Falkenberg kicked off their season with a 3-2 victory over Landskrona.

Falkenberg has punched above their weight the last few years winning the Superettan in 2013 and staying in tier 1 for three seasons. Last season they came up short to making it into the promotion playoffs.

The world of LA soccer

It is an exciting time for soccer in Los Angeles with the spectacular start of LAFC and the arrival of Zlatan, hashtag #zLAtan. His signing with trumpeted with a simple yet over-the-top one page ad in the LA Times.

The marketing minions of the LA Galaxy have trotted out this promo video!

Have been a follower of the LA Galaxy on and off and mostly on since 2010. The club definitely goes for the off-the-field sizzle and has produced a lot of on-the-field steak (5 MLS cups). We shall see how this pans out.

I was excited about the Steven Gerrard move to LAG but it soon became apparent that he had reached a point in his career that he was too injury prone and so the on-the-field performance didn't live up to the hype.

Below is a video of some highlights from his career and so if he can stay healthy and do 1/2 of what he did in his prime, he will have an impact!

In financial terms, it was a pretty reasonable move considering it is only for $3 million over 2 years.

In practical terms, wh…

QPR - looking safely out of the relegation zone?

Have been wearing my R's baseball cap periodically and I've said that I'll go find some Fish and Chips if someone recognizes the cap as a QPR cap. People do ask what team the hat is from occasionally and I explain it is an English soccer club in the Championship.

When I was in London asking directions in the Underground to go to Loftus Road to see the Queens Park Rangers, people didn't seem to know what I was talking about! So I guess it isn't surprising that no one so far has recognized the cap in and around Los Angeles.

Perhaps, I should change the Fish and Chips to the next time QPR wins a match?


QPR has picked up 7 points on 3 matches!

3 points against relegation bound Sunderland is what you expect.

Getting 3 points from an Aston Villa that is looking at promotion via playoffs was an unexpected surprise!

Getting a draw from Fulham that is aiming for promotion via playoffs was an unexpected surprise after going down two goal.

It has been lots of fun follow…

Liverpool FC: what is next for them?

If you had said LFC would be in the Champion's League quarterfinals before the season started, fans would take that.

If you had said LFC would lose Coutinho and still be competing for a top four finish in the Premier League, fans would take that.

But of course, now that expectations have been raised, fans want more!

The Champions League showdown against Manchester City will be interesting as the two teams split their meetings in the Premier League with Man City winning the first time 5-0 but LFC taking the second meeting 4-3. Am figuring the odds makers have Man City as favored in the two-legs of the quarters. If I had to guess, I would say 60/40 in favor of Man City. A check on the stat heads at 538 says 57/43 (as of 6:12pm March 18, 2018) for Man City.

The remainder of the Premier League schedule looks favorable to LFC. The difficult matches: Everton (away) and Chelsea (away). Liverpool should beat relegation zone Crystal Palace (away), West Brom (away), and Stoke (home). They s…

Homelessness and Hunger in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Times recently ran a series of editorials on the issue of homelessness in Los Angeles.

Homelessness burst its traditional borders several years ago, spreading first to gloomy underpasses and dim side streets, and then to public parks and library reading rooms and subway platforms. No matter where you live in L.A. County, from Long Beach to Beverly Hills to Lancaster, you cannot credibly claim today to be unaware of the squalid tent cities, the sprawling encampments, or the despair and misery on display there.
Today, we are paying the price: The economically homeless are now estimated to make up more than half of L.A.’s unhoused — and it is their rising numbers that are fueling the unprecedented growth in that population. More than half of the people surveyed by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority last year said they were homeless because of an eviction, foreclosure, unemployment or “financial reasons.”
Until the mayor and the members of…