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Politics: Can you cut $100 billion from the Federal Budget?

According to Wikipedia the US government spent $3.55 trillion in 2010.

I don't think there is an actual 2011 budget on the books as of this writing.

So I can only use the 2010 numbers to try to cut $100 billion.

It should be noted that cutting $100 billion (considered drastic by the people in DC) still leaves the budget over $1,000,000,000,000 in the red.

Anyway, right now, neither party will touch the "mandatory" programs and the Republicans won't touch defense. Thus, the cuts have to be made from everything else. Note the debt can't be cut because if one doesn't pay one's debts one is in default which would result in major chaos in the financial markets.

As you can see, 14% across the board cuts would be needed to reach the target.

But what if everything except the debt was on the table?

Here is my attempt to make cuts:


Start with 2% cuts on the premise ALL must give up at least a little.
Medicare - turn the program into vouchers
Medicaid - t…

Science: How much vitamin D to take?

Recently, the Institue of Medicine issued a report on vitamin D.

Some in the research community disagreed with their recommendations.

Disclaimer: My research projects are in the realm of assessing the role of vitamin D on immunity. I personally take 2000 IU/day.