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Galaxy vs Rapids in Leg 2

It is a two-legged conference semi-final which means the scores of the two matches are combined (aggregate). In the event of a tie, the first tie-breaker is goals scored away. If still tied, then the game goes to extra-time and if still tied to penalty kicks.

So what are the scenarios?

Currently, Galaxy 1 Rapids 0.

In leg two, what if ...
0-0 then Galaxy advance on aggregate having won 1-0.

Rapids 1 Galaxy 0 then the contest goes to extra-time as the aggregate score is 1-1 and neither team has an away goal.

Rapids 0 Galaxy 1 then Galaxy advance on aggregate having won 2-0.

Rapids 1 Galaxy 1 then Galaxy advance on aggregate having won 2-1.

Rapids 2 Galaxy 0 then Rapids advance on aggregate having won 2-1.

Rapids 0 Galaxy 2 then Galaxy advance on aggregate having won 3-0.

Rapids 2 Galaxy 1 then Galaxy advance on away goals (1) as the aggregate is tied at 2-2.

And so on ........

UPDATE: A easy and much better visual explanation of the scenarios!

Quick reference guides for the 2nd legs of…

As of October 31 - RCP Electoral Map

The screen grab is from Monday morning. As you can see, the Clinton campaign is on the cusp of 270. Trump would need to run the table of toss-up states to win the election. However, the poll numbers behind the map haven't factored in the latest twist in the news. We have no way of knowing if there is yet another twist left in this crazy campaign.
In the abstract, this election was going to be difficult for the in-power party because running for the "third" term is always an uphill fight. The last time someone running for a "third" term was McCain and he lost in 2008 though a big factor was the economic crisis at the time. Gore was running for a "third" term and lost narrowly in 2000. The last successful election to a "third" term was 1988 when Bush defeated Dukakis
Clinton as a candidate has disadvantages: she has none of the charm of Bill Clinton and all the baggage of the Clinton brand name. She is an older candidate (fairly or unfairly…

November 2016 California Propositions - in progress

My general rule is that initiative generated propositions should be viewed with a degree of skepticism as they are put onto the ballot by interest groups that gathered up enough signatures.

Ballot measures can also be placed by the California legislature. I view these with skepticism as well but at least in theory these measures are vetted by the staffs of the legislature and debated by the State Assembly and State Senate and voted onto the ballot.

This year there are 17 ballot measures of which 15 are initiatives.

Will march through the ballot measures in this blog post over the next week as I prepare to vote on November 8.

Prop 51 - $9 billion school bonds. Sounds good but usually bonds for schools come from the legislature. This is an initiative; thus, it has been questioned as perhaps unnecessary. The LA Times and Gov. Brown have come out against this.
No on Prop 51.

Prop 52 - Medi-Cal hospital fee extension. Orange County Register and San Diego Union-Tribune, two of the more conse…

MLS Cup 2016 Predictions

Knockout round: easy enough, home teams win.
Semifinals: Seattle and Dallas should be a good matchup but I think Dallas has enough to advance even without Diaz. LA vs. Colorado, even though I am a Galaxy fan, I'm just not convinced the Galaxy are up to par to other years when they made big runs in the playoffs Red Bulls over DC though it should be a good matchup. Toronto vs. NYCFC should be another good matchup and I think Toronto pulls off the upset narrowly. 
Finals: Colorado edges out Dallas as Dallas miss Diaz. Toronto pulls off a shocker and defeat NY Red Bulls.
MLS Cup: Toronto becomes the first Canadian team to participate in MLS Cup and to win it!
UPDATE: Heh. Good to see that some other peeps (Dave Zeitlin and Andrew Wiebe) are picking Toronto to win the whole thing. Though one wonders if Andrew Wiebe is jumping off the Toronto bandwagon in favor of LA Galaxy? Perhaps clickbait for LA fans?! 8-) Anyway, it was a good win for LA but even a somewhat novice and naive soccer vie…

November 2016 - California Propositions - Endorsements by Party


Count 'em: 17 ballot measures for the November 2016 election here in California.

Above is a chart of the endorsements from four of the political parties in California.

As you can see there are some differences: two of the parties like to support the initiatives while two of the parties are more skeptical about them.

The initiative process in California is of long standing (since 1911). If you are curious, this PDF gives, by year, the number of initiatives that attempted to qualify, qualified, and ultimately adopted/rejected by the voters.

Looking at the sum total over the years, initiatives are more likely to be rejected than adopted. And that makes sense: one, people may think the issue being raised by the initiative is not of concern, hence a NO vote; and two, even if they think it is of concern, do voters believe the i…

LA Galaxy 2016 Campaign

At the beginning to the season, the Galaxy brain trust made a lot of moves to strengthen the team for the 2016 season.

They gathered some European players (Van Damme, Cole, De Jong).

They gathered some MLS veterans (Larentowicz, Magee).

Mix these guys in with the Designated Players (Dos Santos, Gerrard, Keane) and spotlight a few youngsters and some solid role players and make a run at the MLS Cup. And they were running roughshod over a lot of teams. But as the season wore on, injuries piled up and it seemed the team was sputtering on offense and defense.

Though the club has surrendered only 39 goals, the fourth lowest in the MLS, they often look very shaky in the back line.

Thought the club has scored 54 goals, the third highest in the MLS, the most recent games have shown the Galaxy offense to be somewhat sleepy.

Fans are thinking whether Gerrard and Keane, the high priced DPs, should be benched in favor of the younger lesser known - but faster and fitter - players. At the moment, G…

Swedish Soccer FFF and Elfsborg Update

Falkenberg's run in the top league of Sweden for all practical purposes will end after two magical years.

I had mapped out a potential route to avoid outright relegation (see table above). At the moment, the 14th spot (qualifies for a relegation playoff match) is occupied by Helsingborg with 22 points after 25 matches. Alas, FFF has only obtained a few draws and no wins over the recent stretch. Even if they win the next four matches, they would reach 22 points tying Helsingborg only if Helsingborg fail to collect any points over their next five matches. In the unlikely event this were to happen, I think goal differential is the tie breaker and right now FFF is -45 while Helsingborg is -21. It was a fantastic run for Laget Vid Havet. Will be looking to see how they fare in the Superettan. 
Meanwhile, Elfsborg are mathematically eliminated from Europa league. Norrkoping sits at the third spot with 53 points. Even with five wins by Elfsborg, they only reach 50 points (see table below…

2016 NLCS Dodger Roster Guesses?

With the new series, the rosters can be changed.

In the 2016 NLDS, the Dodgers carried 11 pitchers and 14 position players.

Starting pitchers (4): Clayton Kershaw, Rich Hill, Kenta Maeda, Julio Urias
Relief pitchers (7): Kenley Jansen, Joe Blanton, Grant Dayton, Pedro Baez, Josh Fields, Luis Avilan, Ross Stripling
Catchers (3): Yasmani Grandal, Carlos Ruiz, Austin Barnes
Infielders (5): Adrian Gonzalez, Chase Utley, Corey Seager, Justin Turner, Charlie Culberson Outfielders (6): Howie Kendrick, Joc Pederson, Josh Reddick, Yasiel Puig, Andrew Toles, Andre Ethier

Since the NLCS is a seven game series and the Dodger relief pitchers put in a lot of innings in the NLDS, we could see the Dodgers carry 12 or even 13 pitchers.

In the NLDS, Kershaw started game 1 and 4, Hill started 2 and 5, Maeda started 3.

How many innings did we get from the starters?
Kershaw 11 2/3 (he had 2/3 as a reliever)
Hill 7
Maeda 3
Total from starters 21 2/3 innings.
Five games x 9 innings = 45 innings. However, i…

What a choice .......

It is a real mess we are in.

On one hand, we have 35-40% of the public supporting Trump. Some of these voters are doing so because they want to give Washington DC the "middle finger."
To his supporters, a vote for Trump is a way to flip the middle finger to the system, the media, the elite, the liberals, the know-it-alls and the people who pretend they're better than "us." (excerpt from Mel Robbins at Of course, that may feel good but do we really want that to be the basis for selecting POTUS?

I wonder what percentage of the Trump support is from the "lesser of two evils" voters versus the I want "to flip the bird" to DC voters?

On the other side, we have 40-45% of the public supporting Clinton. I don't know what percentage are doing so because they see Clinton as the "lesser of two evils" choice and how many have the fawning "Saint Hillary" mind-set.

I can understand the "lesser of two evils" voter…

Episode 7: The Bowels Awaken (albeit rather slowly)

Day 8 - Tuesday September 13

The overnight MD for 8-West is usually just one person for the unit but since the team showed up it must have been the transition to the morning shift that happens around 5AM.

The MD in charge asked a few questions and the order was given: nasal gastric tube insertion. In a matter of minutes, the tube was placed and in a matter of minutes hundreds of milliliters of fluid was collected in the vacuum trap. This would be the eighth time I've had this medical device utilized for my medical care - the second time during this hospitalization.

Eight days earlier .....

Day 1 - Tuesday September 6

On this day, I was scheduled for Laparoscopic Lysis of Abdominal Adhesions (video) (text explanation) at 1pm.

Briefly, I had surgery for small bowel obstruction in 2004. As a result, I was at risk for recurrent small bowel obstruction (SBO) due to adhesions from scar tissue formation resulting from the surgery. Most adhesions don't cause problems but some do and in…