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Money: What would Jim Cramer think?

Am not a financial analyst but I do try pick some stocks along with leaving a good portion to the "index ETFs" so I don't have to think too hard.

Currently, have long positions in these 4 companies:

Verizon (VZ) - Wireless is huge and will keep getting bigger. Of the 4 biggies in the USA (Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, Sprint), I went with VZ because its a big Dow30 stock with solid dividends. I've been surprised at the run up in the price since I picked it up a while back so does that make this a growth stock?
Disclaimer: I use ATT Wireless because I signed up with them eons ago and am too lazy to change. Also, since I do travel to Europe occasionally, Verizon's CDMA phones probably don't work in GSM Europe. But many of my friends like their Verizon cell phones because of good coverage in a wide range of locations.

Whole Foods (WFM) - With the increasing health consciousness of Americans, WFM is positioned for growth. Also, I like CEO John Mackey's free market pe…

News: Politics of coverage

Time now Wednesday 10:04AM PDT. Just checked,,,, ...

Four of the five news sites have the Ohio kidnap story as the main story. I define main as big fonts with prominent photo at the top of the web page.

One news site has the Benghazi hearings as the main story.

The other four that have the Ohio story prominent do have "watch live" links.

What does this say about the editorial decisions at the major news sites?