Money: What would Jim Cramer think?

Am not a financial analyst but I do try pick some stocks along with leaving a good portion to the "index ETFs" so I don't have to think too hard.

Currently, have long positions in these 4 companies:

Verizon (VZ) - Wireless is huge and will keep getting bigger. Of the 4 biggies in the USA (Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, Sprint), I went with VZ because its a big Dow30 stock with solid dividends. I've been surprised at the run up in the price since I picked it up a while back so does that make this a growth stock?
Disclaimer: I use ATT Wireless because I signed up with them eons ago and am too lazy to change. Also, since I do travel to Europe occasionally, Verizon's CDMA phones probably don't work in GSM Europe. But many of my friends like their Verizon cell phones because of good coverage in a wide range of locations.

Whole Foods (WFM) - With the increasing health consciousness of Americans, WFM is positioned for growth. Also, I like CEO John Mackey's free market perspective. And finally, by all accounts, the company treats the employees well and they provide good responsible products.
Disclaimer:  I do shop at WFM as well as Trader Joes and Sprouts and Ralphs and I'm not vegan or vegetarian but am trying to be more health conscious about what I eat and also how its produced.

Time Warner Cable (TWC) - Its a risk I admit but I think their aggressive moves to lock up LA Lakers and LA Dodgers and LA Galaxy to form Time Warner Sports Channel will boost them.
Disclaimer: I am a subscriber to TWC because they are the only service where I live. So far I have been pleased with their cable TV and broadband internet.

Union Pacific (UNP) - Sometimes, you just got to buy the big dog in the industry. Of the US rail companies (UNP, CSX, NSC, KSU), UNP has the most total revenue. Rail isn't a glamourous business but they move a lot of goods and materials around the country.

Would these pass Cramer's critical eye?