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Devotional Thoughts: the heavens declare the glory of God

Got back from business and vacation travel a few days back. Hope to have photos and travelogue posted at some point.

The photo to the right (click on it to get a larger view) was taken at sunrise on the eastern shore of Kauai!

This morning as I read Psalm 19, I was transported in my memories back to those few days of enjoying the natural beauty of Kauai.

The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands ...

The Psalmist David goes on for five more verses about the wonders of the natural world with which he would have been very familiar from all his time outside as a shepherd.

As an urban dweller living in the 21st century concrete jungle of Los Angeles, there is a mystical and magical feeling that comes over me when I get to see the natural world. This sense of the ineffable that is behind the natural world, I call God.

While I'm at it, let me toss out another GRE idea: cosmological argument. Simply put, if there is a creation then there must be …

Sports: Dodgers still kicking!

Unbelievable! Dodgers take 2 of 3 from the Padres to pull 1 1/2 games behind the Padres for the wild card spot! Go Blue!

Light blogging due to crazy busy work schedule.

No blogging ahead as I'll be on biz travel followed by a bit of vacation after the business part is over!

Sports: UCLA football not ready for prime time

UCLA won 27-17 over BYU.

But fans walking from the stadium felt: a win is a win and we'll take it but we are clearly concerned about the team.

BYU 435 yards UCLA 236.

BYU 391 passing yards UCLA 126.

I wonder what the time of possession numbers were?

It seemed like BYU always had the ball!

The reason UCLA won was turnovers. One interception was run back by UCLA for a TD. BYU lost 3 fumbles. One of the fumbles was in the red zone as BYU was about to score the go ahead touchdown. Another fumble gave UCLA good field position which allowed UCLA to get a field goal.

BYU also had 11 penalties for 84 yards.

BYU beat themselves.

Clearly UCLA has some problems on both sides of the ball. The offense was sluggish. The defense is being exposed. If you have a decent QB and some decent WRs you can throw on the Bruin secondary.

Sports: Dodgers are done?

The Dodgers aren't out of it mathematically. But emotionally, are they done?

Today's heartbreaking loss could fold up their tent. On Tuesday, they face the Padres whom they are chasing. If they have some fight left in them, they will somehow find a way to scratch out a win against Jake Peavy, the likely Cy Young winner for this year. If they are done, look for them to get shut out by the Padre ace.

Really have to feel for Jonathan Broxton. The hard throwing reliever is just 23 years old. But in the last 4 games he has served up 3 home runs which cost the Dodgers two losses. If the Dodgers are in a close game on Tuesday, will Broxton get the phone call in the bullpen?

Do you send the kid out there so he can get the outs and restore his confidence?

What happens if he gives up the go ahead runs again? Will he psychology be totally messed up and he will have to be put on the shelf for mop up duties?

I wonder what do sports psychologists advise in situations like this?

Though Bro…

Non-Profit of the Month: September 2007 - International Justice Mission and Oasis USA

In my most recent devotional thoughts post, I included a prayer to fight against human trafficking.

The reason that issue was on my mind is that within the span of a few days I got emails from friends who expressed their concern about that issue.

One of the links sent to me was the Not For Sale campaign home page.

Their slogan is: I am not for sale. You are not for sale. No one should be for sale. Become an abolitionist.

You might wonder ... what? Slavery? It is long gone!

Think again.

I can't turn a blind eye to it. I must do what I can to help fight this injustice.

One of my friends is doing a Triathlon in Pasadena on September 15, 2007 as fundraiser. To read more about Oasis USA, go here. They are doing local projects to meet urban needs and educating and mobilizing people about injustice locally and around the globe.

The other organization I am supporting for this month is International Justice Mission. They are one of the partner organizations in the Not For Sale Campaign.

Devotional Thoughts: Who repays him for what he has done?

Job 21 is the halfway mark in the 42 chapter drama of Job.

The structure of the book has been a speech by one of Job's three friends with a response by Job and it is a back and forth between them.

Here Job speaks again ...

Then Job replied:
Listen carefully to my words;
let this be the consolation you give me.
Bear with me while I speak,
and after I have spoken, mock on.

Job is exasperated! He has essentially given up trying to argue his case to his friends. All he can do is ask them to listen even if in the end they aren't convinced and decide to poke fun at him.

Is my complaint directed to man?
Why should I not be impatient?
Look at me and be astonished;
clap your hand over your mouth.
When I think about this, I am terrified;
trembling seizes my body.
Why do the wicked live on,
growing old and increasing in power?

The friends had been arguing that the wicked falter. And by implication, since Job's life had gone down the drain, then he m…

Life: You don't say ... study says men want hot women

Seen on

Opening line: Science is confirming what most women know: When given the choice for a mate, men go for good looks.

And guys won't be surprised to learn that women are much choosier about partners than they are.

As one of my guy friend said, look, she might have a great personality but if she is 7 foot and 300 pounds, it isn't happening. ed. note - my friend is somewhat shorter than 7 foot and somewhat less than 300 pounds.

One wonders who funded this research?

Your tax dollars at work? 8-)

The weakness of the study - the science nerd in me makes an appearance! - is that they only looked at the immediate reaction of the study subjects in a speed dating setting. One wonders what the study would reveal if they looked at decision points beyond the participant responses after the speed dating session.

Don't get me wrong, speaking as a red blood male, appearance is a factor! But I will have to say there have been times I've met beautiful women but you soon real…