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Politics: Controversy over Herman Cain

Have very mixed feelings at this point.

If the charges against Herman Cain are true, I would be very troubled and disappointed.

This interview on CNN would lend support to at least one of the accusers.

When charges were leveled against then candidate Bill Clinton and eventually President Bill Clinton, I was troubled and disappointed by his possible behavior.

These kind of charges sometime sank candidates (Gary Hart and John Edwards in recent election cycles).

But, historically, many of our Presidents have not been paragons of virtue in their personal lives and yet, many of them were effective Presidents.

Thus, there is the problem:  the charges, even if all true, against Herman Cain are probably no worse than some of the things done by past Presidents.

What should we expect from our political leaders?

Do we want a brilliant brain surgeon who is a jerk removing brain tumors from people or a genial mediocre one?

JFK is regarded highly by many in both parties.  Yet, would JFK have been …