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LFC injury woes - next up Aston Villa

Henderson is expected to be out 2 months.

Benteke is expected to be out 2 weeks.

Lovren is expected to be out 2 months.

Firmino is listed as day-to-day.

Aside from the tepid goal scoring (Liverpool has either scored 1 or 0 goals per game since the start of the ELP season and including Europa Cup and League Cup competitions), and weak defending, the injuries to key players are piling up.

Who will they trot out onto the pitch this Saturday?

As a "bigger" budget club (though not big 4), LFC is not without options but clearly the club has been searching for some line-up that has some cohesion.

Mignolet back in goal.
Defense: Sakho, Skrtel, Clyne
Midfield: Can, Moreno, Lucas, Allen
Forward: Coutinho, Sturridge, Ings

Subs with likely minutes: Lallana, Ibe, Origi
Subs: Bogdan, Milner (he needs a rest), Gomez, Rossiter

Out of league play for Galaxy and Liverpool

Liverpool have a match in the League Cup tonight against Carlisle. Since Carlisle is a mid-table League Two club, we would anticipate that Liverpool will rest most of the starters. Of course, that could wind up making the game more competitive!

I would guess Rodgers will use the opportunity to give some players a test as they comeback from injury. For instance, Sturridge is back but not fully fit. As is Lallana who is working his way back to fitness. Don't think that Benteke will be risked tonight however. Benteke is out for at least two matches. Will be interesting to see if Firmino gets a start as he hasn't had so many minutes considering how highly recruited he was. Perhaps feasting on a weaker club might build his confidence. Ings did so well against Norwich so expect he will get more time as he will be needed while Benteke is out. Would anticipate some of the younger guys like Rossiter and Brannagan to get either starting roles or substantial substitute minutes. The Echo …

UK Guardian Ruthven: Gerrard source of Galaxy defensive woes

Interesting analysis piece over by Graham Ruthven at the UK Guardian.


With Gerrard in the line-up Juninho is pushed up the field into nosebleed territory, where he is not at his best. Besides, without the Brazilian’s mobility across the halfway line and in front of the back four LA are often left exposed through the middle, with Gerrard no longer the marauding, Captain Everything figure he once was in his pomp. Such deficiency was evident in the defeat to RSL, as the Galaxy’s backline suffered an overload in Utah.

If this is the case, what adjustment will need to be made? Is it just a matter of moving Juninho toward the back and having Gerrard play more forward?

I suppose one might also ask how consistently the Galaxy attacking players (Keane, Dos Santos, Lleget, and Zardes) track back and help with defense since the club is so offense minded.

Anyway, CONCACAF Champions League road game mid-week. Am guessing almost all the starters will be rested. Big showdown against FC Dalla…

Liverpool v Norwich

Good to see Lallana back in there and get a nifty goal. Would anticipate he is in the XI for Norwich.

Minoglet in goal as usual.

Defensive 4 or 3? And has Sakho won a spot in the starting line-up?

My guess is that Rodgers sticks with his usual 4: Clyne, Lovren, Skrtel, and Gomez. With League Cup and Europa Cup games coming up, will see Sakho in those matches. If Lovren has any more howlers than Sakho will be plugged in.

Midfield three: Milner, Lucas, Firmino/Can/Moreno?

Firmino didn't play in the recent Europa league match. Is he in the doghouse? Or was he being rested for Norwich? Am figuring Firmino is going to start but he would be one of the first to be substituted in the 2nd half if he looks tired or is ineffective. Who do you put in? Can or Moreno? Am not sure Moreno has surpassed Can in the depth chart so Can probably gets the call when Firmino goes out. If Lucas is slowing down, Moreno gets in the game too.

Front three: Benteke, Lallana, Coutinho.

Ings comes in if they ne…

2nd GOP Debate Impressions

The Donald is garnering the "we are mad as hell and we aren't going to take it anymore" vote. And right now, there are a lot of people who feel that way! The candidate who can best connect with these voters without the bluster of the Donald will do well going forward. My guess is that when it comes time to actually cast ballots, the Donald's support will diminish.

The calmer we don't like what is happening in Washington vote is going to Ben Carson. The guy is a neurosurgeon so he isn't about bluster. He is about calm. In the debates, you aren't going to see him set the stage on fire with rhetoric. Voters who see DC as talking screaming heads on TV are drawn to his calm and inspirational life story. My guess is that his support is going to be less volatile compared to the Donald's.

The remainder of the "we don't like what is happening in Washington" vote is looking for a home and may find a home in Carly. Her debate performance was pitch …

Liverpool FC - still not time to panic

3-1 defeat to Manchester United.

Five games into the season: 2 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw. One would have figured losses to Arsenal and Manchester United would not have been surprising prior to the start of the season. So getting the draw from Arsenal was a bonus. Must admit the loss to West Ham was a head scratcher (though West Ham has been turning heads with their wins lately) and the wins against Stoke and Bournemouth were not overwhelming at 1-0.

In any case, two losses in the first five matches was not unexpected. The question is can the team improve?

And that is an open question.

The recent matches have shown the value of Jordan Henderson?

He left with injury in game 2 and hasn't been in since. Since then 2 losses and 1 draw and a team that looks lost.

Additionally, what of Adam Lallana?

He takes much criticism but as we look at the LFC lineup now, would we rather have him in there instead of Can or Ibe? I think so!

Unfortunately, it isn't clear either will be available …

Galaxy losing its luster?

For a while there people were saying they were on their way to the MLS championship. Now, after two goose eggs, people are jumping off the band wagon!

First off, one can't get too high from the wins and go crazy and think they have this thing won when LA was racking  up the goals. Second, there are other teams with talent who can give them trouble.

I saw on TV, parts of the 1-0 defeat to San Jose. SJ has some speed and some attacking chops. Didn't see the Montreal game but have heard Drogba is a force to be reckoned with.

Don't know enough about soccer to know if SJ or Montreal had some defensive scheme to gum up the works of LA's attack. But a general sports observation is that sometimes a good offence is a good defence. If the Galaxy players are having to watch out for the opponents attackers and counter-attacks they might be more cautious about pushing forward. Don't know if that is what happened?

Also, had heard both games were under pretty warm/hot/humid condi…

7 games left in 2015 Allsvenskan season

Elfsborg wasn't able to hang onto a 1-0 lead against Malmo and had to settle for the draw. They are now 5 points out of the top spot. They will play 2 of the 3 teams ahead of them head-to-head so they aren't out of it yet but it is uphill. Going on the road to Orebro for the next match on Monday. Elfsborg need a win to stay in contention after dropping the last two matches. Orebro is just above the relegation playoff zone at 13th place. Thus, Elfsborg should be able to take the 3 points but you never know!

Falkenberg took another loss and are now in the relegation playoff zone at 14th place. Last season, FFF got 33 points to finish 13th. Currently, they have 19 points with 7 games to go. Will they be able to scratch out a few wins to stay up?

FFF will be playing Halmstad (in 15th place) on Friday on the road a short bus ride south of them. Don't want to say it is a "must win" but it pretty much is a must win since most games are going to be against mid-table and …