Galaxy losing its luster?

For a while there people were saying they were on their way to the MLS championship. Now, after two goose eggs, people are jumping off the band wagon!

First off, one can't get too high from the wins and go crazy and think they have this thing won when LA was racking  up the goals. Second, there are other teams with talent who can give them trouble.

I saw on TV, parts of the 1-0 defeat to San Jose. SJ has some speed and some attacking chops. Didn't see the Montreal game but have heard Drogba is a force to be reckoned with.

Don't know enough about soccer to know if SJ or Montreal had some defensive scheme to gum up the works of LA's attack. But a general sports observation is that sometimes a good offence is a good defence. If the Galaxy players are having to watch out for the opponents attackers and counter-attacks they might be more cautious about pushing forward. Don't know if that is what happened?

Also, had heard both games were under pretty warm/hot/humid conditions which would also slow things down.

Anyway, will see if they can get back on track soon. Will need to watch out if the Dos Santos injury is minor or a lingering one.

UPDATE: UGH! 3-0 defeat at Real Salt Lake! Didn't see the game and when I saw the final score, I wondered, what happened? The offense was working so well and now they have been shut out for 3 straight games! Anyway, LAG Confidential offers some possible explanations. Can't imagine there are much line-up tinkering options on the offensive line. Maybe some changes on the defense?