Liverpool FC - still not time to panic

3-1 defeat to Manchester United.

Five games into the season: 2 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw. One would have figured losses to Arsenal and Manchester United would not have been surprising prior to the start of the season. So getting the draw from Arsenal was a bonus. Must admit the loss to West Ham was a head scratcher (though West Ham has been turning heads with their wins lately) and the wins against Stoke and Bournemouth were not overwhelming at 1-0.

In any case, two losses in the first five matches was not unexpected. The question is can the team improve?

And that is an open question.

The recent matches have shown the value of Jordan Henderson?

He left with injury in game 2 and hasn't been in since. Since then 2 losses and 1 draw and a team that looks lost.

Additionally, what of Adam Lallana?

He takes much criticism but as we look at the LFC lineup now, would we rather have him in there instead of Can or Ibe? I think so!

Unfortunately, it isn't clear either will be available anytime soon so LFC fans will need to get off the ledge and accept the team will struggle until they are back.

Another injured player that is nearing return is Sturidge. Having him back and pairing him up at the top with Benteke should jump start the offense.

Missing Coutinho due to red card made the Man U match a long shot win.

LFC kicks off their Europa League participation. Look for some resting of starters. How about this for a line-up?

Time to give Bogdan a start and let Mignolet get a break at goalie.
Back four: Moreno, Sakho, Skrtyl, Clyne
Midfield: Coutinho, Milner, Ibe, Rossiter
Forward: Origi, Benteke

2nd half subs: Ings in for Benteke, Gomez and Can for whomever needs a break.

UPDATE: Liverpool Echo is on the case.
They report that Christian Benteke, James Milner, Lucas Leiva, Dejan Lovren, Nathaniel Clyne and Martin Skrtel did not make the trip for the upcoming Europa League match.
Thus, to update the "predictions..."
Time to give Bogdan a start and let Mignolet get a break at goalie.
Back four: Moreno, Sakho, Skrtyl, Clyne, Toure, Gomez
Midfield: Coutinho, Milner, Ibe, Rossiter, Furmino
Forward: Origi, Benteke, Ings
Subs likely to be utilized: Can, Lallana, Brannigan.

UPDATE: UGH! Had a 1-0 lead but surrendered the equalizer late. Reading the post-game analysis, looks like the 3-4-3 has made a reappearance with Sakho/Toure/Gomez in the back. Toure got injured and had to be substituted. Can moved from midfield into the back 3. Wonder if Rodgers is going to call this formation against Norwich? My guess is no. He will go to the regular back four of Clyne, Lovren, Skrtel, Gomez. I suppose maybe Sakho could be plugged in for Gomez? Or would Lovren lose his spot to Sakho?