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Star Trek Discovery - episode 12 - spoilers ahead

I know I am behind schedule. Episode 13 has already dropped and I'm still catching up on episode 12!

The Engage podcast guys had guessed that Lorca might have been mirror universe Lorca and that is the big reveal in this episode. Thus, everything we have seen from him was all to get himself back into the mirror universe. There now remains two questions for the screenwriters to work out in the next few episode: (1) how did he get to the good-guy Federation universe? (2) what are his intentions in the mirror universe?

Certainly, it appears that he wants to seize power in the mirror universe. However, is it merely a power play in which he is the next one up to run the Terran Empire until someone else kills him off or is it that he turns out to be the lesser of numerous evils and becomes the catalyst for future change? Might mirror Lorca have some ties to the rebellion? Or is he purely an evil-hatted character with no redeeming values at all?

We shall see.

As for how he got to the goo…

Soccer - LFC fans and QPR fans

Haven't been blogging about soccer as much as I had hoped to but do get the occasional tweet fired away.
This captures what it is like to be a Liverpool FC fan .....
This is the life LFC fans have chosen: beat #1 ManCity one week lose to #20 Swansea the next ... oooofffff ..... — RF Chun (@a4theroad) January 23, 2018

For QPR fans, one can pay five British pounds to get a streaming feed of Queen Park Ranger matches unless there are international broadcasts of the match in which case QPR is not allowed to video stream the game. They can still audio stream but not video. Anyway, if you are a USA R's fan, you can see this week's contest on ESPN3. Go QPR! How many Ranger fans are their within the sound of this blog? How many in Los Angeles?
For US fans the match is on ESPN3 10AM eastern 7AM Pacific #COYRS ! — RF Chun (@a4theroad) January 24, 2018

Star Trek Discover Episodes 10-11 - spoilers ahead

Nice thing about the streaming format is that you can watch at any time.

Am playing catch up and am not actually current as episode 12 dropped last Sunday and I haven't seen it yet

Season 1.5 started with episode 10 and the cast and crew in the "mirror" universe introduced in ST-TOS episode, "Mirror, Mirror." I believe this concept was only re-visited in Deep Space Nine and in Star Trek Enterprise. I don't recall any episodes in Star Trek Next Generation or Star Trek Voyager that used this setting.

Stamets remains in his confused state but at the end of episode 11, we get the "cliff-hanger" of him meeting his mirror self in the forrest where the spores grow. Will see how that develops in the remaining episodes.

The death of Dr. Culber was a shocker but unlike the death of Security Chief Landry, it was a plausible development within the story arc.

Lorca doesn't get to do too much in episodes 10-11 as he spends most of the time in the agonizer b…

Larry Shapiro and John Lennox in conversation "Is there truth beyond science?"

A lively, honest, and friendly conversation between a classical Christian (Lennox) and an atheist (Shapiro) held at the University of Wisconsin.

People engaged in our current political discourse could learn a lot from these two gentleman and scholars about how to talk about things where there is disagreement.

In our 21st century world, there are people who don't think there is even such a thing as truth. On this point, they both agree that there is such a thing.

On the question of whether truth can be found outside of science, I think they would both agree on that point as well. They both point out that science as a method is very good for understanding the natural world. However, our lives have aspects that are more than just the natural world - morality, purpose, meaning, etc.

Where they do part company is whether or not God is in the equation of our grasping of truth. Shapiro does not think there is enough (or perhaps even any) evidence for the existence of God. In an interest…

LA Galaxy depth chart as of 1/23/2018

Need a serious #1 keeper - Deal maybe for Bingham? (12/15/17) Official 1/10/18Need a #2 keeper with at least some experience - Brian Sylvestre (1/12/2018)Pick up a youngster with potential? Defense Ashley Cole - expiring contract but should try to extend - Cole is back (1/4/18)Jurgen Skjelvik is official - he can play left-back and center-backMichael Ciani - rumors he might be on the way out but large contract might be hard to moveNeed an actual right-back! Rolf Feltscher signed (12/19/17) Daniel SteresDave Romneyadditional defender for squad rotation and backup? Emrah KlimentaHugo ArellanoTomas Hlliard-Arace via draft 1/21/2018Nate Shultz via draft 1/21/2018Midfield Romain AlessandriniJonathan dos Santos Sebastian LletgetPerry Kitchen - defensive mid-fielder 1/9/2018Chris Pontius - I don't think anyone saw that one coming! 1/22/2018Emmanuel BoatengJoao PedroBaggio Husidic - expiring contract but should try to extend - Baggio is back (1/4/18)Servando Carrasco - not exactly …

QPR FC podcasts and online news

Living here in the West Coast of the USA, there are a few sources of information to help me follow a West London club like QPR.

However, through podcasting, one can get a flavor of what is going on at Loftus Road.

The Loftcast is produced by the in-house media team at QPR. In the above, embedded pod, there is the usual match recap, an interview with a QPR player, in this case Paul Smyth who scored the wonderful goal against Cardiff City, and some thoughts on future matches. Being an in-house production, the tone is fairly upbeat and optimistic.

The "Open All R's" podcast is produced by several QPR fans (many of the contributors are in the media business so the production value is quite good) and visiting guests (QPR players, former and current, celebrity fans, local and non-local QPR fans). Not being in-house, the pod occasionally takes QPR players and management to task for failings on the field. This pod gets the occasional "E" marking for explicit language a…

QPR 2 Cardiff City 1

QPR wins!

Great goal by Smyth in his debut.

Where the two LA soccer teams are at in roster construction ........

The LAFC roster as of 1/23/2018
At the Designated Player level:
Carlos Vela - F
Diego Rossi - F

From a loan:
Omar Graber - M
Rodrigo Pacheco - F
Aaron Kovar - M

Drafts and Deals:
Latif Blessing - F
Laurent Ciman - D
Tyler Miller - G
Marco Urena - F
Walker Zimmerman - D
Jordan Harvey - D
Benny Feilhaber - M
Calum Wallace - M

The LA Galaxy depth-chart as of 1/5/2018
Goalkeeper Need a serious #1 keeper - Deal maybe for Bingham? (12/15/17) Need a #2 keeper with at least some experiencePick up a youngster with potential? Defense Ashley Cole - expiring contract but should try to extend - Cole is back (1/4/18)Jurgen Skjelvik is official - he can play left-back and center-backMichael Ciani - rumors he might be on the way out?Need an actual right-back!Rolf Feltscher signed (12/19/17) Daniel SteresPick up a veteran defender for squad rotation and backup?Dave RomneyHugo ArellanoMidfield Romain AlessandriniJonathan dos Santos Sebastian LletgetEmmanuel BoatengJoao PedroBaggio Husidic - expiring contra…