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Music: Spider Pig Lyrics from the Simpson's Movie

There you go.

Spider Pig
Spider Pig
Does whatever a Spider Pig does
Can he swing from a web?
No he cant, he’s a pig.
Look out!
He is a Spider pig!!

Its by Hans Zimmer who is perhaps best known for the dramatic music of Gladiator!

The choral version ...

The original ...

Science: How much caffeine am I getting today?

Check out this item from the Mayo Clinic.


More than 500 to 600 milligrams of caffeine a day, or about four to seven cups of coffee, can cause restlessness, anxiety, headaches and other problems.

330 mg Starbucks Coffee Grande, 16 oz.
2 mg Decaffeinated, brewed, 8 oz.
47 mg Black tea, brewed, 8 oz.
35 mg Coca-Cola Classic, 12 oz.
38 mg Pepsi, 12 oz.
76 mg Red Bull, 8.3 oz.
18 mg Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Bar, 1.45 oz.

Sports: Dodgers vs. Angels ... let's do the numbers

Am a lifelong Dodger fan. Don't dislike the Angels but they just aren't my team.

Interesting stats:
Angels total runs scored 267
Dodgers total runs scored 272
Angels ERA 3.85
Dodgers ERA 3.83

So they seem like similar teams?

The Angels are doing very well ... 39-25, the best in the AL and only behind the Cubs.

While the Dodgers are limping along at ... 30-33.

The Dodgers have had some blow out wins where they run up the run totals. But they have had way too many awful losses where they only score 1 or 2 runs. So it is all about scoring the runs you need to win and the Angels have been doing that and the Dodgers haven't.