Music: Spider Pig Lyrics from the Simpson's Movie

There you go.

Spider Pig
Spider Pig
Does whatever a Spider Pig does
Can he swing from a web?
No he cant, he’s a pig.
Look out!
He is a Spider pig!!

Its by Hans Zimmer who is perhaps best known for the dramatic music of Gladiator!

The choral version ...

The original ...

Science: How much caffeine am I getting today?

Check out this item from the Mayo Clinic.


More than 500 to 600 milligrams of caffeine a day, or about four to seven cups of coffee, can cause restlessness, anxiety, headaches and other problems.

330 mg Starbucks Coffee Grande, 16 oz.
2 mg Decaffeinated, brewed, 8 oz.
47 mg Black tea, brewed, 8 oz.
35 mg Coca-Cola Classic, 12 oz.
38 mg Pepsi, 12 oz.
76 mg Red Bull, 8.3 oz.
18 mg Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Bar, 1.45 oz.

Sports: Dodgers vs. Angels ... let's do the numbers

Am a lifelong Dodger fan. Don't dislike the Angels but they just aren't my team.

Interesting stats:
Angels total runs scored 267
Dodgers total runs scored 272
Angels ERA 3.85
Dodgers ERA 3.83

So they seem like similar teams?

The Angels are doing very well ... 39-25, the best in the AL and only behind the Cubs.

While the Dodgers are limping along at ... 30-33.

The Dodgers have had some blow out wins where they run up the run totals. But they have had way too many awful losses where they only score 1 or 2 runs. So it is all about scoring the runs you need to win and the Angels have been doing that and the Dodgers haven't.

Heading into the October international break

LA Galaxy have dropped two in a row and in both cases their defense was the culprit. As a result, they go into the MLS playoffs in fifth pla...