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World: UBL raid reads like something from a Clancy novel

Details continue to come out and am looking forward to a documentary, long-form magazine accounts and probable future books and movies on the raid that killed UBL.

But the big geopolitical question is how many in Pakistan knew UBL was there and how high up in the government?

In the article, the closing paragraph was:
This discovery and subsequent death of bin Laden doesn't bode well for the Pakistan government. According to Martin, it will be hard for the Pakistanis to explain how bin Laden could have been living in a huge compound located in a densely populated suburb filled with retired military unnoticed.

Indeed, it appears that UBL was hiding in plain sight and not out in some rural mountainous caves.

World: UBL is dead!

Bin Laden killed just outside Islamabad by US special forces.

Details of the operation and the intelligence that led to the raid will undoubtedly be very interesting.

Highest commendations to the US armed forces and the intelligence teams that made this long awaited moment of justice possible.

Hats off to President Obama and his national security team that doggedly pursed UBL and their willingness to authorize this risky mission!