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Cal Ballot Issues

Having been the hospital, I haven't had much time to figure out the lengthy California ballot for this November. My approach is to vote NO unless given a pretty good reason to vote YES. Here are some links to help you decide: recommendations from LA Times, SF Chronicle and Frank Pastore (talkradio host).

As of this writing, Pastore has YES recommendations for 1A, 59, 60 and 60A. The Los Angeles Times is recommending YES on 1A, 59, 62, 64, 66 and 71. The SF Chronicle editors are recommending YES votes for 59, 62, 63, 64, 66 and 71.

Thus, all three (2 liberal big city papers and 1 conservative talk radio host) of these sources are either against or silent about: 61, 65, 67, 68, 69, 70, 72.

So let's take a look at the ones they are saying yes to. Here is some information on 1A.
Proposition 1A is a historic bipartisan agreement among local governments, public safety leaders, the State Legislature, Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and is authored by Democ…

Life: and still more health blogging

She's an angel.

Fade to black.

She's an angel. A lovely face.

Fade to black.

She's an angel. A lovely face. A re-assuring smile.

Fade to black.

She's an angel. A lovely face. A re-assuring smile. A soothing voice.

Fade to black.

She's an angel. A lovely face. A re-assuring smile. A soothing voice. I can't remember much of what she said.

I said, today is Wednesday, I had surgery. Everything went okay right?

She said, it went well. The slight smirk in her smile led me to believe this wasn't the first time we had this conversation.

Fade to black.

She's an angel. A lovely face. A re-assuring smile. A soothing voice. The gurney was rolling and she said something about you're doing great so we can move you to the next floor now.

Fade to black.

Post-surgery, I guess there is a holding area where the patient is under the very watchful eye of the post-op staff. At some point though, we come out of the haze and can get moved to the regular…

Life: more health blogging

Be warned, gentle readers, more medical experience described, reader discretion is advised. is a very popular destination for those looking for health information. What I recently had was an intestinal obstruction.

Picking up the story where I left it, the ER didn't look too busy. It certainly was not the beehive of activity you see in the long running NBC show ER. I filled out the forms and described my symptoms and took a seat. It was about 10 minutes later they did a quick blood pressure, temperature and medical history. I returned to my seat after that.

Between the stomach pains and the post-midnight hour, my recollection of the sequence of events and timing is foggy. I think it was around 2 to 2:30 AM that I got called into the ER exam room to be seen by the MD on duty.

They asked for a urine sample and the nurse drew some blood samples. The doctor asked a bunch of questions and then examined my abdomen and said: well, given what we have so far, I'm t…

Life: health blogging - small bowel obstruction

Sorry for the absence folks: I've been sick. I'll blog some of what I went through for my own benefit and for those of you who stumble onto the page in search of medical information. is a very popular destination for those looking for health information. What I recently had can be found here.

How did it all start?

Be warned, below are some squeamish descriptions of what I went through.

On Tuesday, October 12, I went to work in the usual way though I did feel a bit more tired than usual. By 3pm, I had a stomach ache and some muscle aches. At this point, I thought, I might have SKV = some kind of virus. I decided to go home and get some rest.

After a fitful few hours of napping, the stomach ache felt worse. I was beginning to wonder why the stomach ache didn't resolve with some rest and pepto. Things took a turn at around 10pm when I wobbled to the bathroom to throw up. This made me feel better but only for an hour or so. The stomach pains began to build …

It's Dodgertown!

Can the Blue Crew come up with another win to send it to a all-or-nothing game 5 in St. Louis?

Theoretically, the Dodgers should be loose as the team nobody expected to be here and the Cardinals to be tense as they are the most dominent team that is supposed to roll over everybody to the inevitable showdown with the Yankees.

LaRussa is going with the 4th man in the rotation, Suppan, who has had a good road record but has been struggling late in the season. Tracy counters with Perez who got blitzed in game 1 not even lasting 3 innings.

I assume Perez should be well rested. It would be ideal if he goes out there and puts up 9 zeros. Hopefully, his location will be good and Mayne and Perez will form that psychic link and make the right calls on when to go with the heater and when to nibble the corners with breaking stuff.

Nonetheless, I imagine, Tracy will have a quick hook if it looks like Perez is struggling. I'm guessing Carrara will get the call if Perez exits early. I…

Live blogging 2nd debate

Question #1: Is Kerry a flip flopper?

Kerry in defense of himself doesn't cite Iraq because he knows he has flip flopped. Bush did well on this one and hit on Iraq and Kerry's flip flops.

Question #2: Iraq war problems?

A draw on this. Bush did better defending the war but Kerry is able to point out what has gone wrong.

Question #3: Is Kerry's plan different?

Kerry recites the litany of more nations and more training. Bush counters, we are doing that and can you really trust Kerry who has denigrated the war effort. Again, Kerry emphasizes UBL only and Bush counters it is a wider war. Bush's energy seems greater tonight that last week.

Question #4: Bush, how will you restore our alliances?

Doing what is right can be unpopular. Kerry insists we could have brought the UN Security Council on board. Kerry counters that they didn't have enough troops and had poor planning for post-war Iraq.

Question #5: Kerry, what would you do about Iran?

Kerry goes off topi…

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

Have you heard of it?

It has been on the New York Times Bestseller list.

Imagine that, a Christian religious book on top of the list.

Anyway, I finally got a copy and have started to read it. The final push for me to do this was that my church is having small reading groups meeting during various times throughout the week to discuss it together. I joined up with one and look forward to the time to share our observations about the book.

I think I'll do some book blogging as well.

There is a web page for the book, here.

And if you want to check out what people are saying, go to the Amazon page where reader reviews of the book can be found.


Okay, so I'll go ahead and blog my impressions as I read. If you have read the book, I'd be curious to hear from you what you think. If you have been thinking about reading it, I'd be curious to know if my observations swayed you one way or the other.

Chapter One is titled, "It All Starts with God."

Warren is…

Veeps Slug It Out

I saw the VP debate at the bar in Hollywood. My guess is that the audience was mostly pro-Bush-Cheney but they weren't a very vocal crowd. They listened pretty carefully and didn't hoot and hollar at some of the verbal fireworks.

One viewer said before the start, it is going to be a lot more brutal than last week's Presidential debate.

He was right.

Edwards charged that the Bush Administration isn't telling the truth. This is, of course, the polite way of saying they are a bunch of liars.

Cheney charged that Kerry's pronouncements in last week's debate is not consistent with his record. This is, of course, the polite way of saying Kerry will say anything to get elected and is an untrustworthy liar.

On style:

Edwards is a smooth talker. I'm sure on radio he comes across better. However, on screen, I found his finger jabbing and bobbing around a bit distracting. At times, Edwards bobbed off the screen. The bar had CSPAN on the big screen. CSPAN opte…