Life: health blogging - small bowel obstruction

Sorry for the absence folks: I've been sick. I'll blog some of what I went through for my own benefit and for those of you who stumble onto the page in search of medical information. is a very popular destination for those looking for health information. What I recently had can be found here.

How did it all start?

Be warned, below are some squeamish descriptions of what I went through.

On Tuesday, October 12, I went to work in the usual way though I did feel a bit more tired than usual. By 3pm, I had a stomach ache and some muscle aches. At this point, I thought, I might have SKV = some kind of virus. I decided to go home and get some rest.

After a fitful few hours of napping, the stomach ache felt worse. I was beginning to wonder why the stomach ache didn't resolve with some rest and pepto. Things took a turn at around 10pm when I wobbled to the bathroom to throw up. This made me feel better but only for an hour or so. The stomach pains began to build up again in wave after wave. By midnight, I was thinking it might be time to go to the ER. I contacted two friends (one local who I know is a night owl and one in another time zone where it was day time there) and both suggested I should seriously consider going to the ER.

In my case 2 factors pushed me toward going: (1) the length and severity of the stomach pain; it was well beyond a usual stomach ache and (2) vomiting didn't help; often times stomach problems are resolved by vomiting or diarrhea.

My night owl friend drove to my apartment around 1 AM and we were at the emergency room shortly after that.

Story to be continued...

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Disclaimer: The material above is a description of my health experience. Though I have attempted to be accurate I am not a medical professional. If you are in need of actual medical advice, please contact your physician.