Galaxy vs Rapids in Leg 2

It is a two-legged conference semi-final which means the scores of the two matches are combined (aggregate). In the event of a tie, the first tie-breaker is goals scored away. If still tied, then the game goes to extra-time and if still tied to penalty kicks.

So what are the scenarios?

Currently, Galaxy 1 Rapids 0.

In leg two, what if ...
0-0 then Galaxy advance on aggregate having won 1-0.

Rapids 1 Galaxy 0 then the contest goes to extra-time as the aggregate score is 1-1 and neither team has an away goal.

Rapids 0 Galaxy 1 then Galaxy advance on aggregate having won 2-0.

Rapids 1 Galaxy 1 then Galaxy advance on aggregate having won 2-1.

Rapids 2 Galaxy 0 then Rapids advance on aggregate having won 2-1.

Rapids 0 Galaxy 2 then Galaxy advance on aggregate having won 3-0.

Rapids 2 Galaxy 1 then Galaxy advance on away goals (1) as the aggregate is tied at 2-2.

And so on ........

UPDATE: A easy and much better visual explanation of the scenarios!

Go Galaxy!

Additional observations:
I only saw on TV the 2nd half of the match. It did seem that the Galaxy had more possession but often the attempts on goal were not very high quality efforts. Of course, the goal they got was a somewhat lucky play. But sometimes lucky is what happens when you push forward and kick the ball into the box. Van Damme, the wild and crazy center back who thinks he is an attacking player, put a nifty move on a defender to free himself for a cross into the box. Dos Santos got a head on it and it bounced off a Colorado defender into the goal. Meanwhile, on the other side Jones got off a great shot which Rowe just barely got over to push it away. Two key plays and it could easily have been Colorado 1 Galaxy 0.

It could be the end of an era for Keane. He is probably only going to be in as a sub unless injuries force Arena's hand. Keane doesn't look anywhere near 100%.

Also, the Gerrard era has come and gone with a whimper. His first season wasn't all that strong. His second was much better. But for the amount of the contract, he simply had too many games out with injuries. He can still pass pretty well (lots of assists this season) and he could smartly motor around the field but only up to a certain point - too many miles on his engine - and was sometimes a defensive liability. Will be surprised to see him in the games except as a sub. Probably a late game sub if they need an extra player going forward to get an equalizer. But truth be told, you probably bring in Keane first for that scenario, McGee second, and then maybe Gerrard?