MLS Cup 2016 Predictions

Knockout round: easy enough, home teams win.

Seattle and Dallas should be a good matchup but I think Dallas has enough to advance even without Diaz.
LA vs. Colorado, even though I am a Galaxy fan, I'm just not convinced the Galaxy are up to par to other years when they made big runs in the playoffs
Red Bulls over DC though it should be a good matchup.
Toronto vs. NYCFC should be another good matchup and I think Toronto pulls off the upset narrowly. 

Colorado edges out Dallas as Dallas miss Diaz.
Toronto pulls off a shocker and defeat NY Red Bulls.

MLS Cup:
Toronto becomes the first Canadian team to participate in MLS Cup and to win it!

UPDATE: Heh. Good to see that some other peeps (Dave Zeitlin and Andrew Wiebe) are picking Toronto to win the whole thing. Though one wonders if Andrew Wiebe is jumping off the Toronto bandwagon in favor of LA Galaxy? Perhaps clickbait for LA fans?! 8-) Anyway, it was a good win for LA but even a somewhat novice and naive soccer viewer like myself could see that RSL just seemed a half-step slow and unmotivated thus making the Galaxy look like world beaters. Colorado will be a different story. Will also be watching for any injury news about Gordon and Boateng (both subbed out after getting up slowly from the ground) who were the key drivers to sending RSL packing for the season.