What a choice .......

It is a real mess we are in.

On one hand, we have 35-40% of the public supporting Trump. Some of these voters are doing so because they want to give Washington DC the "middle finger."
To his supporters, a vote for Trump is a way to flip the middle finger to the system, the media, the elite, the liberals, the know-it-alls and the people who pretend they're better than "us." (excerpt from Mel Robbins at CNN.com)
Of course, that may feel good but do we really want that to be the basis for selecting POTUS?

I wonder what percentage of the Trump support is from the "lesser of two evils" voters versus the I want "to flip the bird" to DC voters?

On the other side, we have 40-45% of the public supporting Clinton. I don't know what percentage are doing so because they see Clinton as the "lesser of two evils" choice and how many have the fawning "Saint Hillary" mind-set.

I can understand the "lesser of two evils" voter. I don't like it but I understand it.

I can't understand the "Saint Hillary" voter. If a Republican candidate had the same baggage as Clinton, the Democrats would be screaming at the top of their lungs complaining about that baggage. The "Saint Hillary" voter is in denial about how much baggage the Clinton brand carries with it.

I can understand the anger at DC sentiment but the I want to give DC the "middle finger" voter is in denial about the consequences of voting for someone so unstable.

So what is a voter to do?

Johnson-Weld is a possible protest vote. They have good track records as governors but when the spotlight has been on Johnson, he shown himself not ready for prime time.

The Stein-Baraka ticket is the Green Party choice and they remain a boutique-niche party.

McMullin-Finn are running as independents and are having ballot-access problems.

So what is a former GOP now independent voter to do?