Culture: Civility on the Internet

Because there is a certain anonymity on the internet, blogs can generate well over the line commentary.

I welcome comments even ones that disagree with me.

However, I try to run a family friendly blog here and will delete comments that egregiously breach decorum as I find them.

Below is my comments policy based on Jon Weisman's Dodger Thoughts Blog.

So here are his rules with modifications for this blog:
Thank you for not ...
1) using profanity or any euphemisms for profanity
2) personally attacking other commenters
3) baiting other commenters
4) arguing for the sake of arguing
5) using hyperbole when something less will suffice
6) using sarcasm in a way that can be misinterpreted negatively
7) making the same point over and over again
8) being annoyed by the existence of this list
9) commenting under the obvious influence
10) claiming your opinion isn't allowed when it's just being disagreed with

Also, please note that sidebar ads are placed by and do not necessarily reflect the views of this blogger.