LA Law: Jury Duty, Part II, Day 1

I called in the first evening and they said I didn't need to report.

I called in the second evening and they said, please report to the courthouse.

I arrived the next morning and took a seat in the jury assembly room and started to read and nearly fell asleep!

Near lunch time, the PA announcer said, we are assembling a jury panel. She told us the judge anticipates the case will last 60 days! A groan quietly went through the jury assembly room. The lady then gave various reasons why someone could be excused (various financial hardship factors) which would be checked. None of the stated reasons applied to me. And, of course, I heard my name called.

We gathered together and we were told: you are excused for the day, please call in on such-and-such an evening and you will be given instructions as to what to do. He said there was a 50-50 chance that the case might not go to trial.

Thus, the first day of my jury service came to an end.