Liverpool in the hunt

Liverpool kept pace with Manchester United with a 1-0 win over Swansea. This sets up a showdown with their dreaded rivals to the east on Sunday. A win by Liverpool allows them to jump to 4th while a Man U win gives them a stronger grip on 4th.

Here is an article praising manager Rodgers for his tactical smarts in the second half and overall praise for turning the team around after a dismal start.

Excerpt about the shift in formation he drew up:
"It would have been easy for him to just match what Swansea were doing and gone "like for like." After all, Liverpool did that to great effect during last season's title run. That would have meant reverting to a back four, however; their recent defensive improvement has been largely due to playing with three defenders. So Rodgers, ever the innovator, kept his three at the back but set up a diamond in the middle of the park. It is not a system often seen in the league and it was similar to how the great Ajax side of the mid 1990s lined up. It completely baffled Swansea and allowed Liverpool to take control of the game."

Looking forward to the match against Man U on Sunday!