Galaxy 2 Club America 1

Yup, it was only a friendly. But Club America was not in the mood to be beaten and so they did not use the liberal substitution policies available for friendlies and they picked up a few yellow cards. Meanwhile, the LA Galaxy did an "A" team for the first half and a "B" team for the second half.

Here are the highlights from the game.

Keane's goal was the result of an incredible pass and then Keane snagged it down and put it in the net!

Meanwhile, in the words of the FS1 announcer, "Gordon rising like a salmon" put the header in the net for the winning goal!

The LA Galaxy PR machine has put out episode 3 of From Liverpool to Los Angeles:

And episode 4 .......

Next up is a US Open Cup match against Real Salt Lake on Tuesday. Am guessing Gerrard maybe used in the first half as he was in the friendly against Club America to continue the effort to get him familiar with his teammates and the MLS game. Gerrard made some nice long passes against Club America and had one hard shot on goal. Will see how he quickly he and his teammates get on the same wavelength in terms of passing and running at the goalie. Additionally, some features of MLS life are warmer temperatures (unlike the usually colder and damper Premier League) and the occasional stadium at elevation. Rio Tinto in Salt Lakes at 4500 feet. Colorado Rapid's Park is at 5200 feet. So will see if he plays and how much in US Open against Salt Lake.

The other question for the coaching staff is how much of the "B" team will be used in the game since US Open Cup is played under regular substitution rules (only 3). In the last US Open Cup match, Coach Arena's starting XI included 6 of the "B" team used against Club America.

On Friday, LA returns to MLS play against San Jose.

Its a log jam in the Western Conference with Seattle, Vancouver, and Dallas with 32 points. Portland and LA at 31 points. Kansas City is at 30 points but have 4 games in hand. The clubs besides LA have 1 or 2 games in hand.