Liverpool 1-1-1 so far

Great win against Arsenal.

Laid an egg against Burnley.

Played a high intensity game against Tottenham resulting in a draw.

Which Liverpool team will show up this weekend?

In 2015-2016:
Leicester City road the magic carpet to the title. Don't see them repeating. Maybe 8th?

Arsenal finished 2nd last year. What about this year? Perhaps 4th?

Tottenham was 3rd last year and they have the ability to be 3rd again this year.

Man City came in 4th last year and this year they look to move up under Pep to 2nd place?

Man U got the 5th spot last year and with Jose and Zlatan, they may win the whole thing this year!

Liverpool was hot and cold all season and came in 8th. If the first 3 games is an indication of similar hot/cold performances, they could claw their way to 7th. On the other hand, if they play like they did against Arsenal, they could get as high as 4th. Time will tell if they can show some consistency.

Chelsea, after a dreadful start climbed up to 10th. Under new leadership, look for them to finish 5th.