Fearless Forecast

The recall looks to be passing. Barring sudden energy for the anti-recall camp, I'm predicting it will pass 56-44. If there is one constant so far it is the feeling that Davis needs to go.

Meanwhile, the replacement ballot is still volitile. The last minute allegations against the Arnold do not appear to be a problem unless there is more out there. However, one would think all the plausible charges are out there now. The timing of the reports couldn't have been better planned if they were straight from opposition research. But the word is that the LA Times is essentially the Gov. Davis mouthpiece.

Will there be a backlash as against the reports? We shall see Tuesday!

The final numbers (my best guess):
Arnold 46%
Bustamante 40%
McClintock 10%
Camejo 3%
Everybody else 1%