Miracle of Life

The other day I was listening to someone share about why she helps out at a crisis pregnancy center (CPC). For those not familiar with CPCs, these are non-profit groups of concerned people who offer counsel and help to women who have unplanned pregnancies. The traditional Planned Parenthood type clinic encourages abortions. However, CPCs offer alternatives. It is the pro-life movement putting its money where its mouth is.

The energetic young woman shared that she was born in 1974, the year after Roe v. Wade essentially lifted all restrictions to abortion in America. She told us her mother was pregnant when her father decided to abandon them. There was also concerns that the child might not be healthy so friends and family were saying abortion is the best thing to do. Her mother almost did it but decided at the last moment not to.

People in the pro-life movement can argue about the extent of political action but we should all agree that CPCs are an essential part because they touch the people most directly impacted with love, practical help and options.

Imagine the feelings and thoughts that went through our minds as we heard this story. This vibrant young woman who is trying to do some good in this world might never have been born and it all hinged on a decision made at a crisis moment in a young mother's life.