Politics: And Survey USA Says ... latest polling data on Cal Props

Survey USA has done polling on Props 73 to 77.

Here is what they say as of November 1, 2005
Prop 73 - 55% Yes, 44% No, 1957 likely voters, +/- 2%
Prop 74 - 49% Yes, 50% No, 1966 likely voters, +/- 2%
Prop 75 - 50% Yes, 49% No, 1959 likely voters, +/- 2%
Prop 76 - 49% Yes, 49% No, 629 likely voters, +/- 4% [ed. note - there are 3 versions of their polling data on prop 76, I've cited their "version A." I wasn't clear to me what the differences were between the versions but versions B and C have the No count ahead by various margins.]
Prop 77 - 44% Yes, 53% No, 1948 likely voters, +/- 2.3%
As you can see, it is very close.

Whether you agree with the recommendations I offer at this blog or not, take a look at your official voters guide and cast an informed ballot next Tuesday.

UPDATE: The Sacramento Bee cited the Field Poll and those numbers show the No side ahead of the Yes side in many of the measures.
A new statewide Field Poll this week showed the four initiatives supported by the governor were not getting the backing of most voters. Proposition 76 was behind 60 percent to 32 percent; Proposition 74, the teacher tenure initiative, trailed 50 percent to 44 percent; Proposition 75, the union dues measure, was down 50 percent to 40 percent; and Proposition 77, which would change redistricting procedures, was losing 51 percent to 35 percent.
UPDATE: The LA Times showed Prop 73 ahead and 78, 79 and 80 behind by various margins.
Views are more set, however, on Proposition 73, the abortion measure, which 51% of likely voters support and 39% oppose.
On Proposition 78, 38% were in favor and 43% opposed, well within the poll's margin of error. On Proposition 79, 30% were for it and 47% against it.
After hearing the full ballot description [of Prop 80], 25% said they favored it and 48% were against it.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think the Survey USA A poll is very trustworthy. It explains the props in clear language (already that's not how it works) and in a way that's fairly friendly to the Yes vote.

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