Sports: Dodgers still alive ...

Previously, I posted on the Dodgers when they were 54-54. Well, they are now 70-70.

I thought they would need to win 85 games to win the NL West. Well, there are now only 22 games left and the thought of them going 15-7 seems unlikely.

But they are still alive because the Dbacks are only 71-68!

Both teams have been streaky ... winning a bunch of games in a row and then dropping a bunch of games in a row.

The Dbacks are on pace to finish 83-79.

Can the Dodgers get to 84-78?

Can they go 14-8 down the home stretch?

3 games at home against the Dbacks.
3 games at SD.
3 games at Colorado.
4 games at Pittsburgh.
3 games at home against the Giants.
3 games at home against the Padres.
3 games at San Francisco.

If they win each series and split at Pittsburgh, they get to 84 wins!

They will face the top pitchers of the Dbacks in this weekend series. Taking the series gets them in front which is something they haven't done. They've tied the Dbacks but haven't been able to get past them.

UPDATE: Dodgers take the NL West lead! Hope they can sweep the Dbacks with a win on Sunday and thus hold onto the lead! WOO HOO!

Colorado has given the Dodgers trouble this season.

And of course with 6 games against the Giants the Dodger's dreams of post-season play could come crashing down to earth.

Well, if the Bruins could pull off that upset against Tennessee, then maybe the gutty little Dodgers could manage to see October!

Go Dodgers!