Non-Profit of the Month: November 2011 - Hope for the Warriors

When I think of Iraq and Afghanistan, I often think of the photographs that are shown on television or the newspaper of the most recent deaths.   The deaths have exceeded 6000.  In addition, there are tens of thousands that have been wounded in mind and body who have come home. And finally, there are the loved ones of those who have died or have been injured.  These too bear the burdens of war in the loss of a loved one or the ongoing care giving to one who has suffered the wounds of the wars.

And so for this month's non-profit of the month, I'm supporting Hope for the Warriors.

There are many organizations like this big and small, national and local who have gathered together good hearted people to stand with and support our service members and their families.

Please consider supporting one of these groups doing this kind of work.


Thank you so much for choosing Hope For The Warriors as your nonprofit for the month of November. We stand firm to our mission that no sacrifice is forgotten, nor need unmet.

Merry Christmas!