Non-profit of the month: June 2012 - Stand to Reason

Enjoy and have learned a lot from the Stand to Reason podcasts. The extended comments given on the show on current issues of theological, philosophical and ethical importance is helpful. When one hears about those kinds of issues from Time magazine, Los Angeles Times newspaper or the television news, it is usually from a worldview that says there is no god. Worldviews matter because they serve as a foundation and filter for thinking about things. Layered on top of the worldview is the logical steps taken by people when they think through issues. On the podcast, I've learned that the logical mistake most often made in contemporary discussion of issues is the genetic fallacy. This is the problem where an idea is dismissed because of the person or origin of the idea. An example of this kind of thinking: (A) people believe god exists because they need something to help them through the difficulties of life; (B) therefore, god doesn't exist. Statement A actually tells us nothing about statement B. I'm trying to be much more aware of this kind of thinking where an idea is criticized not for the idea itself but because of denigration of the person proposing/defending the idea. Anyway, happy to donate to STR! Keep up the good work over there.