No time to panic?!

LA King fans are on the ledge. Two games left and scenarios for the Kings making the playoffs are getting thin. How about just win the next two games! Let's Go Kings!

Meanwhile LA Dodger fans in game one of the season saw the bullpen do alright. In game two, yesterday, they had a meltdown. No time to panic only two data points.

Liverpool needs a win today in FA Cup competition to restore the confidence of the team. The thrashing at the hands of Manchester United and Arsenal in their last two matches were devastating but in the end not surprising. The team needs to play its game and put away the Blackburn Rovers. I would guess the Rovers will "park the bus" and if Liverpool gets frustrated failing to score early the Rovers could steal a goal and pull off the upset. And, of course, the other scenario is for the Rovers to play to 0-0 for 120 minutes and roll the dice on PKs. My guess is that Rodgers will stick with the 3-4-3 formation for at least the first half and see how it goes. If it isn't working he will change it up and go for the win in regular time. Wonder if at any point in the game will Sterling, Sturidge, and Baloteli be on the field? I suspect if that triple is in, Liverpool is in trouble!

UPDATE: Looks like the usual 3-4-3.
UPDATE: The line-up was a 4-3-3 and a 1-0 victory for Liverpool!

Lakers are going nowhere except hopefully a good draft pick.

LA Galaxy are off to a slow start which isn't unusual for them. Replacing Landon Donovan isn't easy and in the end the pieces they have this year might not add up to what they had last year. Much rests on the continued development of their young star Zardes and asking more of their experienced (though not star powered) role players in the mid-field (Juninho, Hasidic, Ishizaki, Vayrynen, and others).