Will Hull Park the Bus?

West Brom parked the bus and got a 0-0 result. They got very few threats but in looking at the highlights their opportunities could have been cashed in and Liverpool fans would be out on a ledge talking about a defeat at West Brom!

Hull is in a relegation battle has to decide whether to risk going for three points against a floundering Liverpool and open up the game which favors Liverpool's style of play.

More likely, Hull will park the bus and trust Liverpool slips up and concedes a goal which nearly happened against West Brom.

Is it time to really shake up the line-up?

With the short rest from the game on Saturday, time to dust off Manquillo for Johnson, give Sterling a break after all that unwanted publicity the last couple of weeks, give Gerrard the respect of starting him but have him subbed off at the half with Allen. If Borini and Lambert don't get things shaking, plug in Balotelli for one of that pair at some point in the second half. If a little more pace is needed pull Borini or Lambert and plug in Lallana or Markovic.

Mignolet in goal of course and a 4-4-2:
Manquillo, Lovren, Skrtel, Can
Coutinho, Gerrard, Henderson, Ibe
Borini, Lambert.

(G) Jones
(D) Toure, Johnson
(M) Lallana, Allen, Markovic
(F) Balotelli

Gerrard out with a minor injury. Wonder if it is a back 3 or 4 today? Wonder which of the subs will get in the second half? Will be interesting to see if LFC can come out as Rog of MIB describes, "attacking like a manic labradoodle!" If Hull parks the bus, LFC needs to press them in the box to draw penalties and corner kicks. If they can get a goal or two on them early Hull will have to open up the game and that is when Liverpool's speed can put it away going away.

Go Red!

UPDATE: Argh! Hull went toe-to-toe and got the 1-0 lead and then parked the bus. Liverpool had possession and many shots but no goals. The team has now gone three games getting only one goal. Four games left and Rodgers can't seem to push the right buttons to get the team going. Just when you though his job was safe! A loss to Chelsea is expected. But a loss to QPR, Stoke or Crystal Palace means three losses in the final six games of the season which suggests Rodgers has "lost" control of the team.

MacIntosh thinks Rodgers has done enough to be kept at the helm.