Liverpool Klopp Episode 7 - Star Coach - the Palace Menace

Crystal Palace has caused some grief for Liverpool in the last couple of seasons even if they aren't a top 4 club.

And this morning while listening to the match on audio, Palace have claimed the lead at the 21 minute mark when LFC's defense made a hash of the clearance.

Will be interesting to see if Liverpool has the mental toughness to respond as they did last weekend when they went down 1-0 to Chelsea.

Milner is out due to injury, Coutinho is back in the line up after his absence at the Europa match on Thursday, and Ibe draws a start.

Liverpool is sounding like they are taking more of the initiative seeking to equalize. But do they have the energy after the very long round trip to Rubin Kazan for the Thursday Europa League contest?

40' Sakho is subbed off with Lovren due to injury.

42' The Force is strong with this one, Coutinho, the Little Magician equalizes!

Concurrently, am following the relegation match between Falkenbergs vs. Sirius for a spot in the Allsvenskan. Sirius is up 1-0 in the match and 3-2 in aggregate. However, if Falkenberg can equalize to 3-3, they would win on away goals.

56' 1-1! Falkenberg equalize!

Meanwhile, the Liverpudlians are hoping for something to happen. As is often the case, LFC is dominating possession and shots but most of those shots are not on goal and so far only one in the net.

65' Firmino in for Can.

If you are looking for lively live blog commentary, UK Guardian is usually good for some lolz!

It seems the British are really going crazy over new Liverpool FC's German manager Klopp as seen in this item over at the UK Telegraph.

82' ARGH! Palace is up 2-1 due to another defensive miscue... The Palace Menace causing grief yet again for the Scouser's tonight. This could be the first loss under new manager Klopp. One substitution left. Will he send in the youngster Origi for an extra attacker?

87' Yup. Origi is in as fresh attacker as Ibe goes out.

Meanwhile, back in Sweden, Falkenberg is hanging onto the Allsvenskan for dear life. 15+ minutes to go for a 3rd year in the promised land if they can hang on to the 1-1 score.

4 minutes of stoppage time at Anfield. Time drains out on LFC to equalize.

FT - LFC is defeated yet again by Palace.

LFC under Klopp: 3-3-1

10+ minutes and counting! 
84' Sirius makes its last substitution.
87' Sirius pressing FFF defending.
89' Rodevag in for FFF.
2 minutes of stoppage time!

Peep!!!!! Falkenberg stay in the Allsvenskan as a mighty roar goes up from the home crowd!
The Swedish radio broadcasters follow the Vin Scully style of no words from themselves and instead lets the singing crowd tell the story!