Liverpool Klopp Episode 9: Goldfinger

Okay, trying to find movie titles and Beatles songs to use as hooks to hang posts on is going to be an ongoing challenge of highly tangential thinking!

At the moment, after the demolition of Manchester City by Liverpool, Coach Klopp is viewed as "the man with the Midas touch."

Nonetheless, the team did suffer a dreadful loss to Crystal Place at Anfield just before the international break. And so it is with a little bit of dread that fans await the Europa League match on US Thanksgiving Day at Anfield as Liverpool's best moments under Klopp have been on the road.

The injury bug continues to rear its head and take a bite out of the line-up options for Coach Klopp. Coutinho is out and now it is reported that Skrtel is out as well. The Liverpool Echo item suggests that Beneteke is likely to start and Sturridge will be brought on as a sub. Usher at ESPNFC offers some thoughts as to why Liverpool has to play differently at home and what options might be available for Klopp to consider. Am guessing the Klopp will go for the win to clinch a spot to continue in Europa competition. Thus, what is the line-up likely to look like?

Goalie: Mignolet.
Defense: Clyne, Toure, Lovren, Moreno
Midfield: Can, Lucas, Millner
Forward: Firmino, Benteke, Lallana

Likely to be used subs: Sturridge, Ibe, Allen.

UPDATE: Ran various errands on this day so wasn't able to see any of the match. Was good to find out that the team pulled out the 2-1 victory over Bordeaux despite falling behind 1-0.

LFC under Klopp: 5-3-1