Liverpool Klopp Episode 10 - The Swarm

Another match came and went without me being able to catch it on TV (EPL matches can be seen at NBCSN and other NBC channels) or internet radio (EPL matches can be heard at here in the USA).

A 1-0 win for LFC over Swansea!

Don't know if there is enough data yet, but it looks like Klopp likes to give Benteke more minutes in home games and has him come off the bench on the road.

It could be that at Anfield, the opponents play more conservative thus making it harder for Liverpool to get out into an open field running match. In those situations, scoring off a set piece (corner or free kick) might be more crucial and that is where Benteke could be a handful for the defender marking him. Also, there could be scenarios when the defense is packing it in and again, you like the option of lofting a ball into Benteke from the sides who can snag down the ball inside the box and overwhelm a defender with his strength and size permitting him a shot on goal or drawing a penalty.

On the road, Liverpool likes to get out and run and use their Gegenpressing style as much as possible and so Benteke is on the bench until the second half when the opponent might be tiring or LFC changes tactics to utilize Beneteke's skill set.

In any case, LFC wants to "swarm" people but if the defense is packing it in, they might not have that option. So it is really good to see that Benteke is available.

The other bit of good news for LFC fans is that Sturridge had an appearance. Will be interesting how Klopp utilizes these two players within the Gengenpressing which didn't include these two players in the Manchester City match. Given Benteke and Sturbridge history of injuries, I would imagine the Gengenpressing won't be on all the time when one or the other are in the game. I wonder if there will be situations when both are in the game?

LFC is on the road for a League Cup match with Southampton mid-week. We shall see what the line-up is and the tactical approach.

LFC under Klopp: 6-3-1