Liverpool Klopp Episode 17: The Godfather

Soccer is a game. 22 people running around on the field. 44 feet trying to kick a ball.

Nonetheless, fans, players, and managers do take it pretty seriously - it is strictly business.

Here is an article compiling some of Coach Klopp's interesting remarks about the "beautiful game."

Some interesting ones:
"We have a bow and arrow. The problem is Bayern have a bazuka - but then Robin Hood was quite successful."
"It's like someone having to play the chess world championships after 72 hours of sleep deprivation."
"I'm proud of my first red card as coach. I approached the fourth official and said: 'How many mistakes are you allowed to make? If it's 15, you're allowed one more.'"

Anyway, Sunderland on the road in today's match. The Liverpool Echo writers offer their guesses on who will be in the starting XI. With so many players on the injury list, there really isn't that much flexibility in choosing a line up. Thus, I think the usual: Mignolet, Clyne, Lovren, Sakho, Moreno, Coutinho, Henderson, Can, Lallana, Firmino, Benteke.

Likely used subs: Ibe, Lucas, Allen.

Klopp anticipates a physical contest against the desperation of the relegation likely Sunderland.

UPDATE: Sunderland 0 Liverpool 1! Wasn't near a TV nor the internet so only read the after-match reports. Sounds like it was taking care of business not particularly well played but played well enough for the win and collecting the desired 3 points. Bad news is that Henderson left the match with injury. Not clear how serious and long he will be out. On the good news, Benteke got yet another goal and could have gotten a second.