Liverpool Klopp Episode 18 - HELP!

Not good enough.

The club needs help.

With a 4:45 AM PST kick-off, I was not awake... alas, I admit I am NOT that big a fan of LFC. I did rouse from my slumber to look at the score on the computer and saw they were down 2-0 to West Ham late in the second half. LFC had possession but didn't capitalize.

What can you say?

Some teams cause match up problems and it looks like West Ham is kryptonite to Liverpool as West Ham clobbered them 3-0 earlier in the season at Anfield and could have easily matched that score line today.

Klopp and his bosses at Fenway Sports Group have to think hard about the season now about 1/2 over. Buying in the January transfer window is usually the time when title challengers try to find 1 or 2 more players to help them win the league. Relegation bound teams may pick up a player or two to stay up. But what about clubs not headed for relegation or title contenders?

As it stands LFC is heading toward a finish in the 7-8-9 slots. Splashing cash at best might get them into contention for the fourth spot and thus champions league. But maybe it is better to wait until summer when prices maybe less inflated and Klopp has a better sense of the mainstays of the current line-up card and who ultimately has a longer term future with the club. Klopp will also want to test out some of the younger prospects moving up the system who are showing potential.

Fans will be out on a ledge with this loss. The refrain is LFC dominating possession but not being able to do anything with it and getting mauled on the defensive end by a more physical club. No one is likely to hire out the URL but clearly the fans are unhappy.

LFC fans have to take the long view and plan for the future. Perhaps, we will see the younger prospects a little more often in EPL matches. Perhaps, the strongest line-ups will be in the League Cup where a path to silverware is clearly visible. Will be interesting to see how Klopp and FSG prioritize Europa and FA Cup matches.