Liverpool Klopp Episode 25: The Two Towers

LFC against Stoke in a League Cup Leg 2 Semi-Final match on Tuesday at Anfield.

Both clubs should be highly motivated. Look for a knock down drag out match as both teams covet the chance at silverware in this competition as their prospects for a top 4 finish in the EPL are limited.

Keep an eye on Liverpool Echo for any updates to the current injury report. There is concern that Clyne might not be ready to go. Flanagan may get the call if necessary. Lovren is back to full training but can't image he would get a start under the circumstances. Otherwise, look for the same group that went on the field at Norwich to be on the XI sheet on Tuesday. If Lallana is fully fit, he will probably get the start over Ibe. If not, then Ibe starts with Lallana subbing in as happened at Norwich.

Tactically, it might be tempting to sit on the 1-0 aggregate lead. However, given LFC's defensive problems, that would be a risky approach. Thus, LFC should go on the attack? However, after such a emotionally draining victory on Saturday against Norwich, how much spring do they have in their step? Would they be able to apply their press and go for the quick goal to put Stoke in the hole 2-0 in the aggregate? In the end, Liverpool needs to play to their strength which is to go on the attack. Don't go crazy and take excessive risks on the attack but definitely apply some pressure and see if Firmino and his front line mates can catch the Stoke defenders napping. For LFC, the best defense is a good offense.

TV coverage in the USA is at beIN Sport. Internet radio coverage at TalkSport and BBC 5 Live (turns out only pre-/post-match comments are available in the USA; the game itself is blocked) and Here is a preview of the match over at the BBC. At Liverpool Echo, Pearce notes that this seasons LFC's biggest victories have taken place on the road and that tonight would be a great night to have a huge home victory.


Have heard some of the coverage at TalkSport. Torpid effort by LFC. Not a lot from Stoke either but they did snatch a goal in stoppage time just before the half thus, 1-0 for this match and 1-1 in the aggregate. Don't know if LFC is worn out from the Saturday match but tired or not, they need a goal and to keep Stoke out of the goal to make it to Wembley Stadium. Away goal rules apply after extra-time and then it could go into penalty kicks.

It is a final. In penalty kicks. The seventh spot kick from Stoke is saved by Mignolet. The seventh spot kick by Liverpool by Joe Allen sends the Reds to the League Cup Finals!