Liverpool Klopp Episode 24: Forrest Gump

Early Saturday morning (Pacific Standard Time 4:45AM) match with Norwich.

Norwich is in a relegation fight and so will be highly motivated while Liverpool is a struggling mid-table club. Hopefully, the Reds can get out and run (Run Liverpool Run) and get a couple of goals on Norwich early and close them out by halftime. I suppose the other quote from Forrest Gump that would be appropriate to LFC's struggles would be "Liverpool is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get."

LFC got 3 on Exeter (4th level of the pyramid) but it didn't happen until late 2nd half. Norwich will be much tough competition. Of course, Liverpool will play its senior first team players against Norwich. However, they haven't exactly torn a hole in the nets.

Lallana is an injury question mark.

Thus, Klopp will probably call up the same lineup as he did against Man United with the exception of finding Lallana's replacement. Will Klopp give the opportunity to Jordon Ibe? Or will he send in Benteke? In keeping with his run, run, run tactics, I think Ibe gets the call with Benteke coming in the 2nd half. Wonder if Allen will get some minutes as he had a good showing against Exeter. Hopefully, we won't have to see Caulker coming in as an emergency striker. Happy to have him in as a defensive substitution to hopefully slam the door on Norwich!

Mellor over at Liverpool Echo thinks that Henderson and Firmino could use a break in the anticipation of a hard match against Stoke in the League Cup Semi-Finals. If so then Allen may get a start for Henderson and Benteke would be starting in place of Firmino. Ibe would be plugged in for the injured Lallana. However, I don't think Klopp will go this route. I think he fields his "A-team" and if they get the lead then he will substitute early.

Didn't get up at 4:45AM! But awoke to see LFC leading 4-3. With sleepy eyes, I could see that Norwich didn't seem to be able to get organized but neither did LFC look to be playing defense with much urgency. Caulker was sent in for Moreno at 90' for fresh defensive legs to slam the door on Norwich. And lightening struck as Norwich blasted home the equalizer at 90' + 2 as Liverpool did a remarkable impression of statues on defense. The scriptwriters had one more twist left up their sleeve! Stung by the turn of events, LFC regained urgency and pushed forward and on a set piece they pounded the box and in pin-ball machine shaking fashion the ball bounced around until Lallana pounced on it and scored the winner at 90' + 5.  Klopp and company went wild at their great escape with three points!