Liverpool Klopp Episode 23: Let It Be

Klopp has said in his press conference he will go largely with the younger players in the FA CUP replay.

The question marks:

Goal Keeper
Will Bogdan get the call again?
Ward isn't eligible for the match. Will Mignolet get the call or get the night off? Mignolet would be a reasonable move to give the XI some first team strength.

Previously Enrique/Illori/Smith/Randall
From reading post-match comments, Enrique and Illori seemed to run out of gas. Thus, will Klopp try someone else? Maguire subbed in for Illori so maybe he gets the start this time? I'm figuring Enrique remains as Klopp is pretty short handed with defenders.

Previously Brannigan/Stewart/Kent/Teixeira
Chirivella was subbed in for Kent so maybe he starts this one. Klopp had Lallana and Lucas on the bench but didn't use them. I would look for one of the senior team midfielders to get in this game perhaps even as a starter. Perhaps Allen could be considered for this assignment.

Previously Sinclair and Benteke.
Benteke is in for sure. Maybe Ojo will start for Sinclair as last time Ojo subbed for Sinclair.

Go Liverpool!

There you have it. Several senior first team players in the starting XI. Hopefully, they can put a few goals on Exeter early and remove any drama from the match.

USA TV coverage is at Fox Sports. Internet radio coverage can be obtained at the site.

UPDATE: The youngsters took care of business with a little help from the senior members! Allen opened the scoring at 10'. LFC kept threatening and finally broke through for their second at 74' (Ojo) and then Teixeira iced it at 82'.