LA Galaxy lastest moves

Jeff Larentowicz has been signed. Mike Gray's (LAG Confidential) comment:
I'm a fan of the move. Larentowicz is a quality defensive midfielder who should shine being surrounded by a talented cast. Big Red is dangerous on set pieces from distance and long-range shots, and can also double as a center back. On the other hand, the 32-year old fits the "Too old, not fast enough" stereotype that has plagued Galaxy signings.
Sean Steffen (LAG Confidential) is not optimistic and provides a stat heavy analysis of LA Galaxy's problems in 2015 and how unlikely Larentowicz will be helpful.

LAG Confidential reports other possible signings here and here. The item of concern is that the potentials players are Nigel de Jong, 31, Joleon Lescott, 33, and Ashley Cole, 35. As you can see, they are all over 30. Putting together a team is a challenge within budget constraints. One does want a balance of experience (older players) and potential (younger players). However, it does feel like the Galaxy brain trust is looking mostly at older players.

Meanwhile, speaking of potential, what will the response be to the marketing machine that is the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC)? A few days ago, they introduced their crest and it is winning wide praise. Below is the video introducing the crest and the vision behind it.

LAFC is not set to play until 2018 as they still need to build a stadium and recruit beyond the front office staff.

My ties to the LA Galaxy started in 2010 due to the goal heard around the USA by Landon Donovan in the 2010 World Cup. Since he played for the LA Galaxy and I live in LA, it made sense to follow them. Yes, there was Chivas USA but that club was a basket case in terms of management and didn't make the playoffs in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. The club at that point went under.

Meanwhile, from 2010, the Galaxy claimed three MLS Cups in six years.

Nonetheless, there are reasons why a LA Galaxy fan might switch to following LAFC. First of all, the LA Galaxy don't actually play in the Los Angeles. They play in Carson, a city in LA County. LAFC plans to build a stadium close to downtown LA. Thus, for some fans, going to the future LAFC home matches may be easier than making the trek to Carson. Since 2010, I've attended just three matches. I do give credit to the LA Galaxy organization for maintaining a good atmosphere at the stadium and the prices are manageable. However, the location of LAFC will be easier to access for some fans. One wonders what the pricing of tickets will be like in comparison to the LA Galaxy.

LAFC have some heavy hitters in the LA scene as part of its ownership group and as you can see from the video above are committed to building something special.

And finally, there is something special about joining something new with great potential.

We shall see. LAFC won't play its first match until 2018 so I'm happy to follow the Galaxy as they are the only game in town.