Liverpool Klopp Episode 44 - Diamonds are Forever

Love looking for these old 007 movie clips of "vehicle" chases of all sorts! In light of modern movie making techniques, these action scenes seem rather quaint.

Given the relative lack of success in recent years (decades) for both Liverpool and Everton, the rivalry between them has had less at stake in the bigger picture competition in the EPL. However, it is a strong intra-city grudge match as the two clubs play in stadiums about 1 mile apart. The Liverpool versus Everton competition is a long-running derby (since 1894) and no matter at what level they are in the table, it will be full of drama for the players and the fans. This season, Everton is playing for pride as a mid-table club after a hopeful start fizzled out. Liverpool, higher mid-table, is playing for an outside chance of finishing high enough (sixth place) to get a Europa League invitation.

Historically, Liverpool has won more often than Everton in the derby. In recent memory, there have been a lot more draws. The current draw streak is at 3 matches.

With the fixture congestion ahead and the big match against Villarreal on April 28, will Klopp field the "A-team?" For instance, even though Origi was pronounced fit from back problems, will he play? I'm guessing he might not. But otherwise, back to the usual suspects? Probably, a few more "B-team" players for the weekend match against Newcastle.

Probable line-up for the Merseyside Derby:
Mignolet back in goal - Ward had a good outing but time to put back in LFC's number one keeper.
Back line: Moreno, Lovren, Sakho, Clyne
Midfield: Allen, Lucas, Milner (too bad about the injuries to Henderson and Can - I do worry that LFC could get over-run in midfield)
Upfront: Coutinho, Sturridge, Lallana
Subs likely to be utilized: Firmino, Ibe, Ojo

Build up:
Sniffer dogs to be an Anfield to detect fans who try to smuggle flares and smoke bombs into the stadium. Don't do it! Statement from LFC:
Ahead of tonight's Merseyside derby against Everton, Liverpool FC would like to remind supporters that flares, smoke bombs and pyrotechnics are illegal and prohibited. Any individual who is found taking these items to Anfield will face prosecution and a stadium ban. Merseyside Police will be using trained sniffer dogs in and around the stadium tonight. The use of such devices breaches ground regulations and poses serious risk of injury, health and safety to fellow fans. Pyrotechnic devices could also set fire alarms off at Anfield, causing a stadium evacuation and potentially abandonment of the match. The club has recently been charged for Liverpool supporters using pyrotechnics during recent matches and this may result in sanctions being imposed on the club and supporters at future games. We would like to remind supporters of the serious consequences they will face surrounding the possession or use of pyrotechnics and any other illegal items at Anfield. Thank you for your continued support in keeping Anfield a safe and welcoming environment for all fans.

Some history and humor over at the UK Telegraph. As a very recent fan and based in the USA, most of it is lost on me!

Over at ESPNFC, it is a tale of two managers and the pressures and opportunities they face.

Over at the Echo, the writers pick the starting XI. My thinking matches Ian Doyle.

Klopp has opted for Origi up top instead of Sturridge. Will see if Lucas and Milner will be enough to manage the midfield. Will periodically check in at the game live blog over at UK Guardian.

Game on:
2-0 at the half! Goals by Origi (43') and Sakho (45' + 2) and thank you Milner for the assist on both goals!

Now, to stay focused and close the game out. Wasn't so many games ago LFC had a 2-0 lead only to lose to Southampton 3-2. Beware the 2-0 scoreline!

50' UGH! Reckless challenge by Mores is red carded and Origi is stretchered off the field. Will be awaiting the medical report after the match. Doesn't look good.

61' Sturridge makes it 3-0.

76' Coutinho makes it 4-0.