Liverpool Klopp Episode 46 - The Empire Strikes Back

"How are we going to get out of this one?"

LFC is going into this Europa League semi-final leg one match a bit short handed (Can, Henderson, and Origi out with injury and Sakho out due to the PED use investigation). Will our Liverpool crew be able to dodge the power and talent of Villarreal? Villarreal are currently number 4 in La Liga that would yield qualification to the Champions League Playoff Round. We shall see if Klopp and the team can come up with something. They have had some rather spectacular matches and some dreadful collapses this season.

Allen and Millner will probably pair to patrol the middle.
Sturridge, Firmino, Coutinho, and Lallana will be on the attack.
The usual defense with the only open question: who will pair with Lovren at center back? Lucas or Torre?
With the injury depletion, who will Klopp have on the bench?
Win, lose or draw, LFC is always interesting.

In the meantime, as we await kickoff, enjoy some Star Wars parody.

The Echo writers are recommending Toure at central defense and having Allen, Lucas, and/or Milner patrolling the midfield.

The Echo writers have it:

Game recap

Largely sleepy uninteresting game that came to life in the final 5 minutes. Mignolet had a huge save late. It looked like LFC dodged all the asteroids but then it happened. In a breakaway, in stoppage time, Villarreal scored the goal to take the game 1-0.

On another note, should have posted a Beatles video of Yellow Submarine as that is the song the Villarreal fans sing. Below is the video that explains the story of why the club sings that song and why this match is so huge for them. With the 1-0 lead, they maybe on their way to making more history for this small town (~ 51,000) club.