Liverpool Klopp Episode 49 - Return of the Jedi

Liverpool vs. Watford. Watford smashed LFC earlier in the season 3-0. Will the Reds be able to take them down in the re-match?

It will be tough after the high energy Europa League match just concluded on Thursday. Most likely, many of the "A-team" members will be given the day off. The LFC "B-team" has some good players and others with potential but can this group get a win against Watford? It will be an uphill fight but things are looking up for LFC especially now that playing at home is an advantage again.

Who will Klopp send out there for this match?

My guesses:
Goalkeeper: Ward
Defense: Smith, Skrtel, Lovren, Randall
Defensive Midfield: Allen, Lucas
Offensive Midfield: Ibe, Ojo, Firmino
Forward: Benteke

Will they find some genius moments in a mad scramble like how Luke and company defeated Jabba the Hut? Or will they be able to use their speed (a la flying cycle chase through the forests of Endor) to pick off Watford on a counter?

On other LFC news, too bad there isn't an opportunity for Rossiter. The Echo described the untimely injuries that have led to the door closing his chances to break into LFC but opens the door for him to play in Scotland. All the best to the youngster in that opportunity. Meanwhile, rumors are circulating that Arsenal is targeting Sturridge for a summer transfer. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. Is Sturridge in Klopp's long term plans? And if he is, has LFC moved from the realm of a selling club to a club that can retain talent?

Game On

Good to see Flanagan get the chance to play. Had forgotten that Lucas has been pressed into center-back duty and thus is today's option resting the prime duo of Lovren/Toure. Coutinho is the "A-team" playmaker getting the call. Too bad that Ward has picked up an injury and will be out the rest of the EPL season.

As of the first 30 minutes, it looks pretty even with small threats from both sides but nothing so far.

35' Allen! Looked like a "hockey" play. It was a short free kick. A "centering" pass from Coutinho into the penalty area that Benteke gets a head on right in front of Allen who was charging the net and toe pokes it in!

76' Firmino! 2-0 LFC!

A professional game with a mix of A- and B-team members. This will probably be the pattern of rotation to finish the season with the A-team playing against Chelsea mid-week, A-/B-team against West Brom next weekend, and to finish off the season with the A-team against Sevilla in the Europa League Finals.

In Klopp's words:
But today, no problem with changes, a real professional performance. We did what was necessary. It was not brilliant or a game for the LFC museum, it was a professional performance. We were the better team and deserved to win, so I am very happy.[...........]In the meeting today I said it would be cool if we could play ‘Joe Allen football’ – brilliant technique, hard-working, very lively, very energetic. He is a great player. In good teams with more good players than you need, you have situations like this [rotation]. But he takes the situation brilliantly, he is a wonderful boy and professional football player. That’s really good. Today without Joe would have been completely different. So I’m completely fine with him.