Liverpool Klopp Episode 50 - The Force Awakens

Liverpool vs. Chelsea. Am sure Klopp has a plan unlike these guys above. But of course, those guys managed to make things work out somehow!

Chelsea has had a tough year but they are still worthy of selecting the A-team and will need a professional performance to defeat.

It is near the end of the EPL season. Thought it would be interesting to go back to the first line up way back on September 8, 2015 in the road season opener at Stoke.

Mignolet was the starting goalkeeper then and still is now. Bogdan was the backup but was eventually supplanted by Ward. But Bogdan is back as number two with the injury to Ward.

The back four on that day was: Clyne, Lovren, Skrtel, and Gomez. Along the way there were injuries (Gomez had a season ending injury, Lovren and Skrtel have been out for various lengths of time) and a lot of shuffling. Currently, Clyne, Lovren, Toure, and Moreno are the "A-team" defensive line.

The midfielders/forwards at the start of the season were: Milner, Coutinho, Henderson, Lallana, Ibe, and Benteke. Unfortunately, Henderson has had an injury plagued season and the youngster Ibe has been too inconsistent to keep his starting spot. Ibe is utilized as a second half substitute and "B-team" starter. Between inconsistent performances and injuries, Benteke has been relegated to a second half substitute and a "B-team" starter. The current "A-team" middle/front six is Milner, Can, Coutinho, Lallana, Frimino, and Sturridge.

In a few weeks, the speculation will start as to who LFC will try to recruit over the summer and who they may release. But for now, all eyes are on beating Chelsea!


The Echo writers figure it is the A-team on the field today. Meanwhile, over at ESPNFC, there is a roundup of what were some of the issues in the big-budget clubs in EPL this year. LFC was discussed in this item as I suppose they had the fifth largest wage bill? ESPNFC also rounds up the scenarios for which EPL teams may make European football. LFC can only make Champions League by winning the Europa League. By standing in the EPL table they have a slim shot at Europa League play if they don't win the Europa League Cup.

Above is the video link to the NBCSN documentary Inside the Mind of Jurgen Klopp. The description: Roger Bennett sits down with Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp to uncover the secrets of his leadership strategies and go inside the mind of the transformative manager.

Here is the lineup for today's match ...

Game on
On internet radio at TalkSport and LiverpoolFC and televised in USA on NBCSN.
The difference is Hazard's wonder strike at 32 minutes.
At the half, 0-1.
60' is Chelsea going to park the bus to hold the 1-0 lead? They have brought in a fresh attacker so maybe they are looking to push a bit more. Will see if Klopp brings somebody in for some new energy.
90+2' Benteke! A header from an Ojo cross!
Don't think a draw utilizing second half subs (Benteke at 75' and Ojo at 88') scoring in stoppage time was Plan C or D or for that matter E but the KOP will take it! Perhaps it was a Jedi mind trick but Liverpool snatch a point from the Galactic Empire of Chelsea.
It is a final 1-1.