And so ends the season for LA Galaxy, Elfsborg, and Falkenberg fans .....

The Galaxy got the 1-0 win at home in leg one. However, in leg two, Colorado got a wonder strike to even up 1-1 on aggregate. Didn't see the game but from the reports, it seemed to be a struggle for both sides with Colorado generally getting the better of the chances. However, it wound up in PKs and Colorado won it. LA Galaxy off-season is going to be interesting as that is now two years in-a-row the team has fizzled out.

Meanwhile, in Allsvenskan, the final matches were held today. Malmo had locked up the championship previously and the last day was left for some final jiggering of the finishing rank for a few teams. Elfborg finished 5th and Falkenberg finished 16th and will be relegated. Looking forward to following the two clubs in the next year. Haven't followed the Superettan before. Will see if FFF can bounce back after a dreadful campaign.

Thus, now my soccer fan energies will be directed toward US Men's National Team, US Women's National Team, and Liverpool FC.

The USMNT have a huge showdown with Mexico on 11/11 as part of World Cup Qualification for the CONCACAF.

On the USWNT side, there aren't any consequential matches in the near term as the 2016 Olympics have concluded as have the 2015 Women's World Cup. However, with the stunning upset in the Olympics, there are some things to consider on the USWNT side. The top priority is finding a successor to Hope Solo. Additionally, as for any team, finding the balance of veterans and working in new talent.

Meanwhile, LFC is top of the table after a 6-1 win over Watford with Klopp saying "stay cool" and indeed fans would be right to not go crazy this early in the season with title talk.