European Night at Anfield

Transfer rumors continue and speculation of the starting XI in the Echo.

There are rumors that Barcelona will make a fourth offer for Coutinho .......

As for the starting line-up speculation, probably the same line-up that played to a 2-1 lead at Hoffenheim will be selected. Possible changes: Robertson slotted in for Moreno at left back and Milner taking Wijnaldum's spot in the midfield.

If Robertson's fitness level is high enough, I'd say it is 50/50 he starts. Klopp rested Moreno and Alexander-Arnold with the intent they be fresh to run at Hoffenheim tonight.

Am less certain about Milner and his 31 year old legs getting the start over Wijnaldum. If LFC is protecting a lead, Milner may well be one of the first substitutes to come in.

Will be interesting to see how Mane holds up as he has started 3 straight games and does a lot of running out there. Solanke would probably come in to take Mane's spot as a substitute, hopefully, due to the fact that LFC has the lead and Mane can be rested!

If LFC is protecting a lead, maybe will see Klavan come in as well to have three in the back to do battle in set pieces late in the game.

Go Reds!


There you have it. Exactly as it was 8 days ago at Hoffenheim. My guess the choice of Moreno is not so much that in the abstract Moreno is better than Robertson but rather Moreno is rested and that Robertson is still new to the way things are done at LFC. If Robertson continues to play as well as he did against Palace, he will eventually be the first choice when all other factors are equal. As it stands, I think Klopp wants to run at Hoffenheim (thus rested both TAA and AM on Saturday) to get one or two goals early and salt the game away from there. LFC fans could be out on the ledge tonight if LFC surrenders a goal early due to a defending howler by either of the two young wide backs.


Liverpool ran them out of the park getting a 3-0 lead before Hoffenheim knew what hit them. Klopp's view is that the best defense is to have an offense that stuns the opposition! Final score was 4-2. Liverpool is in the Champions League group stage!!